Waterfall Twist

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you all a great hairstyle for looking nice with minimal effort. Out of the ‘nice’ hairstyles I do on myself, this is one of my favourites because it’s so easy but looks so pretty. (I’m doing it on my sister today) The waterfall twist I’ll show you today is similar to the beautiful waterfall braid-style in Sophia’s post Waterfall Twist and Reverse Fishtail, but it uses two pieces of hair instead of three to create a lovely twist. (If you like this post, I’m sure you’ll love her combo hairstyle!) This hairstyle is definitely DIY as well, and looks great on just about any length of hair. I hope you enjoy it! 😀

Items needed: hair tie, accessory (optional)

Skill level: easy

Time: 5 minutes


  1. Part hair as desired (I used a middle part) and separate out a piece of hair at the front of the head, on one side of the part.
  2. Take another section of hair next to it, and wrap/place it over the first strand.
  3. Drop the first strand, pick up a piece of hair next to it and wrap/place it over the strand you’re still holding. Repeat until you reach the back of the head and clip out of the way.
  4. Repeat on the other side, tie the two ends together, and accessorise as desired.

And there you have it! Because this style is so loose and gentle anyway, you don’t really need to pancake it, unless you have fairly long, heavy hair. If your hair’s a bit too short to do a waterfall twist all the way around your head, it looks really nice if you just go partway round, and pin the end back with something pretty.


Comment below and let me know if you liked this tutorial! Bye for now! 🙂

#2 Tips/3 Tips for thin, curly, and hard to hold hair

Here are a couple of tips for thin, curly, and hard to hold hair:
  1.  Say you were going to braid all of your hair but it won’t stay in place, what you can do is get a water spray bottle and fill it with water and a small amount of conditioner, then shake it up, then spray all over your hair before braiding so it’s easier to brush through.
  2.  If you’re braiding or styling dry hair add a little bit of mouse into your hair to help the braid hold, then hairspray once you’ve finished.
  3. Another tip to keep your braids secure is to try braiding as tightly as you can and then loosen it when you’re done. 😉
I always find it easier to answer questions, than to just giving overall advice, so if you have any specific questions, I’d be more than happy to try to answer them!

2017 Survey results

I’m happy to announce that we have just reached over 50 subscribers!! And now…

Here are the results from the recent survey that was taken here on SGH!

#1- Which hairstyles do you want to see?

35% voted for more DIY hairstyles

29% of you chose the ‘other’ option saying that you wanted:

  • Some hairstyles with headbands
  • Hairstyles for short/medium hair.
  • Maybe you guys could give some suggestions on different ways you can get your hair cut, or ways to grow out your hair really fast.
  • More half-up  hairstyles.
  • Some hairstyles with flat irons.
  • Maybe more heat-less overnight curls.
  • More curly styles.

18% voted for more medium length hairstyles.

12% voted for more long hairstyles.

and 6% voted for more short hairstyles.

#2-How often do you think we should post tutorials? 

76% voted to have tutorials once a week like we already do.

12% voted for tutorials twice every week.

and 12% voted for tutorials every day.

#3-What things would you like to see improve for Seton Girls’ Hairstyles in 2018? 

Most of you gave similar answers such as to just keep doing what we’re doing, or nothing at all, it’s good/perfect the way it is.. thank you so much for your responses! 😉

You also asked for more:

  • Hair care tips & tricks
  • Videos & pictures
  • Plaits
  • Curly styles

#4-What are your favourite things about Seton Girls’ Hairstyles?

Here are some of the responses:

  • You show clear, easy instructions for hairstyles I would never think to try! And you include pictures and videos to make it that much easier!
  • I love learning how to do all the different kinds of braids. So far, I’ve only mastered the french braid, but hopefully soon I can accomplish the dutch braid. 🙂
  • I love doing more different hairstyles for me besides a bun or braid and this is the perfect site!!
  • I love the layout of the site, and especially love the braid and updo tutorials. 😉
  • How easy they are & the creativity.
  • Your website is very pretty, and you make the tutorials so easy!
  • I really like all the variety of hairstyles you girls have.
  • Seeing the creativity.
  • Learning new hairstyles.
  • Everything!

We’re to happy to know that you consider our tutorials so easy, and that you love our site. Thanks so much for your positive feedback!!

#5- How did you find SGH?

Most of you answered either a friend or several other things.

#6-Which tutorials do you like best? (The answers were Video, Step-by-step pictures, or clearly explained written instructions.)

47% voted for video tutorials

47% voted for Step-by-step picture tutorials

and 6% voted for clearly explained written instructions

It’s quite obvious that people both like video tutorials and step-by-step picture tutorials the most, so we will try to only have one of those options in our tutorials from now on! 🙂

And that’s the end of the survey results! Thank you so much for those of you that took it, and please don’t hesitate to add anything else in the comments down below!!!

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Which Hairstyle? (Poll)

Hey everyone, Clare here again. I’m was deciding on which tutorial I should do next week, when I thought why not let you girls decide this time? 🙂

So here are the choices (some taken from the suggestions in Hairstyle Requests ):

#1- Easy messy buns

#2- Five ways to wear the half-up bun:

5 - Copy

#3-This hairstyle:

#4-This hairstyle:

or #5-this one:

The Poll is multi-choice and you can also repeat vote. 😉

The voting will end on the 20th of Jan.

Moana (no heat!) Curls

Hey Everyone! Happy 2018! I haven’t seen you guys since last year!!

So, my last hairstyle was my Cinderella French Braids, and, to keep with the theme, I decided to master Moana’s curly locks.

Before I start the instructions, I’d like to point out that this is kind of a two-in-one post, since both methods I use to get Moana’s curls can and are also used on their own. The reason I used two no heat curling methods is simply since I felt that one gives more body to the hair, while the other gives texture. 😉

If you’d like another no-heat curls idea, check out these curls.

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Time needed: 20 minutes (if you have long hair, like me.)

Items Needed: 1 rubber band, one cloth headband, several bobby pins

  1. With your fingers, separate a large portion of hair, by starting at your ears, moving towards the crown of your head. Section off with a band. 
  2. Grab your headband, and put it around your head. It should rest on your hairline and right above your ears. Thinner cloth headbands are the most comfortable choice.
  3. Section off a 1″ section of hair. With your other hand, expand the headband, and loop the hair up and through it.

4. Then, add another 1″ section of hair to the first section. Loop the hair up and through the headband.

5. Keep adding 1″ sections of hair, and keep looping the hair through it. Gradually, the section will naturally become larger.

6. Once you’ve run out of hair to add, continue looping through the headband. If you have longer hair, the loop will continue up to your forehead.

7. Secure the twist with about three bobby pins, if necessary. These headband curls will add body to the hairstyle.

8. Let down the top-knot of hair, and part to your liking. I did a side part.

9. Section off a 1″ section of hair, and twist the entire strand. Make sure to twist away from your face.

10. Coil the twist into a small bun, and secure with a bobby pin. These twist curls will add texture to the hairstyle.

11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the remaining hair, twisting, coiling, and securing. I personally recommend switching the sections up from 1-3 inches thick, since this will make the curls look more natural, like Moana’s.

12. Once you have coiled all of your hair, your hair should look a little crazy, but that’s okay.

13. Sleep on the curls overnight. I slept in these, and since all of the little buns were on the top of my head, I wasn’t bothered at all. 😉

14. The next morning, undo all of the little buns, and uncoil your hair from the headband.

15. Separate the curls. Begin gently, and use your fingers, not a brush. *tip* I like to let the curls rest for a few minutes, before separating them.



…And there you have it! My take on Moana curls! I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle!

What other princess would you be interested in me recreating her hairstyle?

Catch ya later!

— Sophia

Extra Info: 

Prepping info: This all differs for each person’s hair type (mine is thick, with a slight wave,) but for some people, no-heat curls work better either on dry, slightly damp, or damp hair. For my hair, I like it slightly damp. You can achieve this by prepping the hair with either a hair mousse, salt water spray, curling cream, or simply a mist of water. I’ve used all of these in the past, but for the pictures you see above, I went for a salt water spray.

It all depends on your hair and how well it can hold curl though.

If you know that your hair does not hold curl well, prepping it is a must. Also, after you have undone, separated, and arranged your curls the following morning, you can add a bit of hairspray, to ensure that your curls stay all day long. I find hairspray is especially necessary for those with naturally straight or fine hair.

Please remember that each of these curls can be used separately, so experiment with them, and see which give you the best results! This many coils worked for me since I have long, thick hair, with lots of layers.


For thin hair: If you have thin or fine hair, I recommend only doing two coils on the top of your head, with the headband at the bottom.


For short hair: You can still do this hairstyle, expect, when you do the headband curls, you might need to secure your hair with bobby pins, to keep it in place.


…if you have any more questions, feel free to ask below! Hope you enjoyed the look!

Double Dutch Braided Updo

I know we have a lot of dutch braids as the base for quite a few hairstyles on here, but its such a versatile braid they are soo many different things you can do with them. Plus, they’re fairly easy to do, which is always a plus 😉 I came up with this particular style when my little sister wanted me to do something special in her hair for her birthday several months ago. It really suited her, and I thought it would make a good tutorial, so today I’m going to show you how to create this easy, double dutch braided updo!

Items needed: two hair ties, a handful of bobby pins, and hairspray (if desired)

Time:10 minutes


1.Begin by making a middle part all the way from the front of your head to the nape of the neck (you could also do a side part as long as you divide the hair evenly at the back.)

2. Then section one half out of the way for now…

I had my sisters hair slightly damp so I could get all of the tangles out more easily, but it works fine on dry hair!

Now take a section from the front of the section and divide it into three pieces:

And dutch braid all the way down so that the braid goes in a direction as I have done in the picture:

Repeat on the other side of the head…

After you have pancaked both of the braids your hair should look roughly like this:

Now take the braid from the right side of your head and wrap it into a circle shaped bun at back of your head. Bobby pin in place…

Then take the braid from the left hand  and wrap it around the bun you made from the other braid. Bobby pin that in place and adjust to you liking.. Here is the final look:

This is a really cute style that could be dressed up to be an almost formal hairstyle, or, I actually think if you had the bun secured with a hair tie and some extra bobby pins it could be a great sports hairstyle. What do you think? 😉

I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle, feel free to leave your hairstyle requests here. 😉

Lace Dutch-Braided Wrap-around/SHORT Hairstyle

Hello Everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so excited to show you all how to do one of my favorite hairstyles!


Although this hairstyle is specially for all my short-haired people out there, it works great on long hair as well. (: Let’s get started–


Items needed: 1 small hair elastic, 4-5 bobby pins (as needed) ~ time needed: 4-5 minutes Difficulty: medium


1.) Start by parting your hair in a side part.


2.) Grab a small section of hair a couple inches behind your hairline on the “light” side of your part.


3.) Begin doing a lace dutch-braid. All this means is that you are going to do a regular dutch-braid except ONLY grab hair from the crown of your head.


4.) Once you braid a few inches back you are going to keep braiding across the back of your head. Remember to only add in hair from the crown of your head. So it should look like this.


5.) As you continue to braid, start adding strands from near the front of your hair, but only add strands a couple inches behind your hairline, so it will be even with the other side. Once you reach about where my braid is, don’t add any more strands and just braid down and secure with your small elastic.


6.) Pancake your braid by gently pulling on the outer edges of your braid. Also, if you have layers like me, you might need to add bobby pins to keep the hairstyle in place. If there is some puffiness or strands sticking up near the crown of your head, add bobby pins as well.



And here are the final pictures!


Thank you for reading, I hope you like this hairstyle as much as I do! This hairstyle also looks great with waves or curls if you have wavy or curly hair.  Please leave a question and/or comment and subscribe to this blog if you like what you see!

See ya!

-Sabrina c: