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We just hit over 3,000 views, isn’t that exciting!?

Like I did when we reached 1,000 views I’m letting you choose which of the three tutorials here you would like to see for my next post.

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I’m happy to do most of these hairstyles as DIY’s (except for the Loop Braid, because my hair is too short for that one at the moment, and it’s not really a DIY style). I’ll also be happy to make a mini video tutorial for each of the hairstyles, but you will need to leave a comment letting me know which hairstyles I should make videos for & which ones you want as DIY’s.  😉 Thanks!

Which hairstyle(s) did you vote for? And why? 🙂

#3 Q&A Tips for looking after Curly hair, and bringing back curl naturally

Q: Could there be any tips on looking after curly- ringletty hair? My hair is usually straight on top, and from midway down to the ends it’s curly in loose but tight ringlets. But recently, they’re not coming! Do you have any tips on bringing them back naturally? Thanks!

A:  The first thing I always recommend for girls trying to get their curl back is to get the book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Whether you have curly hair or not, it’s full of great tips for looking after your hair naturally, and to be honest if you’re wanting to bring them back naturally (I mean who wouldn’t? 😉 ) this book is my best recommendation.

I’m leaving a few links below for some other great curly hair articles. I am also extremely sorry for not making this post sooner; I’ve been very busy and haven’t had the time.

How to wash and style curly hair – Hair Romance

How to style curly hair with gel – Hair Romance

Curly hair tips – How to scrunch out the crunch- Hair Romance

#2 Q&A – do you know of a conditioner for super sensitive skin?

Cath Creations: I just used bicarb soda instead of shampoo this morning and I have no more dandruff! My scalp only became itchy after I put in the conditioner, do you know of a conditioner for super sensitive skin? I also blow dried it afterwards because the water on my scalp for a long time also makes it itchy, any suggestions?
Thanks, great post

Answer: That’s great! I’m glad the dandruff is gone. One of the reasons your scalp may have gotten itchy is because your bicarb mix was either too strong or it as too hot. And then you may have rinsed it out with water that was too warm. I recommend rinsing out the bicarb mix with water as cold as you can go. This also cuts down on frizz.

As I have recommended in previous posts these are some of my favourite conditioners:


They’re both made with natural/organic ingredients so will be less likely to react with your sensitive scalp. I hope one of them will help! (the links are, as always, embedded in the images 😉 )

You’re welcome! I’m glad you liked the post!

If you found this type of post helpful, leave a comment below. If you have any other questions/future hairstyle requests, we’ll be happy to hear them and try our best to give them a go!




#1 Tips/dealing with frizzy hair


  1. Some frizz can be caused be shampoo. So why not give the no-shampoo method a try? It can really reduce your frizz and make your hair more manageable.
  2. The best shampoo replacement I’ve found at the moment is the Bicarb rinse. All you need to do is measure out 1 tablespoon of Bicarb into a cup (or something you can use in the shower) and then pour in about 1/3  boiling water, stir it until most of the Bicarb has dissolved and then fill up the rest of the cup with cool water (no more than an actual cup measurement of water) until it’s lukewarm. Apply to wet hair in the shower, gently rub it in, and rinse.  It’s great!
  3. If your hair is very dry the strands literally stick out to try and find moister in the air (a.k.a frizz). One thing that can really help with frizz is Argan oil. This will help with adding extra moister into your hair. It can be a bit expensive, but if you shop around and look online for the best deals I’m sure you can find an affordable one. I would definitely recommend the one from the brand NUME it’s amazing!
  4. Leaving in some of your conditioner after you wash your hair also helps with frizz. Try out rinsing out different amounts until you find how much will work for you.

The best conditioners I would recommend are:

 Organic Care Conditioner Dry Moist image

(The links for where to get them are embedded in the images.)

5. Rinsing your hair off with cool water also makes a huge difference, as it closes up the cuticles. Leaving you with much less frizz.

6. Making sure you don’t go to bed with you hair out, or in a ponytail will also help. As frizz can be caused by breakage. So try (depending on your hair length) to either plait, or pull all your hair up into a bun or something similar on top of your head. Use a scruncie if possible because they cause less damage than a hair tie.

Ok well that’s all for now, I took several of the tips from the post “Our Hair Care Routines” .

Let me know if any of these tips were helpful to you, and feel free to share some of your own!


Texas Lone Star bow-Raise Support For Texas – Maidens for Mary

Hey everyone, Clare here.

I had Ceci from the site Maidens for Mary  (her own personal site A looong time ago in a galaxy far far away,) ask me if I could publish a post regarding hers: Raise Support For Texas! {Giveaway Announcement}

She asked me because it involves a hair accessory, and well, we are a hairstyling site so anyway have a read of the post and then head on over to the amazing site Maidens for Mary for the full thing..

Also, while I’m not an American, this is still a great fundraiser for all those people effected by the recent hurricane in Texas. 🙂


Here is her post:

Everyone has probably heard of the hurricane which has swept across Texas leaving devastation in its tracks. Texas has been in our prayers, both for the safety of its people, and for our family in the city of Houston, which might be the city that has been hit the worst.

Now, many of you may not know this, but my mom is the owner of Hair Bows 4 Life. And, in support of Texas, she has made the Texas Lone Star Bow.

(Taking her description from her website) It is a:

Texas Lone Star bow is a 4’white burlap ribbon bow on a 7′ Navy grosgrain ribbon cheer-dance bow style with a red star in the center and a mini blue medal of the Miraculous medal.

As you can tell by the photo, it is quite beautiful. All the money from the sale of this bow will go to the Catholic Charities in Houston. So, you will be helping Houstonand getting a beautiful bow. Win-Win, no?…… -via Maidens for Mary


So definitely go check out that bow, and leave a comment below if you buy one! 😉

Remember to Subscribe to Maidens for Mary.. and while you’re at it, if you haven’t already Subscribe here too! 😉

Have a good weekend,




Dutch braided updo/Running Late Hairdo

  By Emily

Hello y’all!  Emily here!  Today, I’ve got this super easy, perhaps a tad time-consuming, but totally worth it, hairstyle.  😉  I like ranking this hairdo on my list of “running late hairdos.”  Because, this hairstyle is really so simple, it’s the perfect hairdo for when you’re running late, and in a hurry to make your hair look gorgeous.  😉  (Please excuse the terrible photo-taking quality, and the possible messes around the floor.)  Let’s go!


Time: 5-10 minutes

Skill level: medium


So, first thing’s first: brush your hair.  (And a little tip: putting a small amount of mousse in really helps the hairdo to hold up)  Alrighty!  After you’ve done this, we’re on to the first real step.  😉

1.  Taking a small portion of hair on the left side, begin to french braid the section to the back of the head.  When you come near to the middle of the head, stop and braid the rest of the hair(no longer french-braiding!):



Be sure to secure the braid with a small hairband (clear bands are the best, in my opinion… a little less noticeable.  😉 )

2. Go through the braid and loosen it slightly, giving the braid a bit of a “messy look.”  Make sure that you don’t pull the braid apart!  Do this all the way down the braid, to the very bottom:




3.  on the other side of the head (opposite of the one with the braid), gather a small section of hair:


With this portion of hair, you’re going to tease it.  You don’t have to, however, it does look better/more voluminous if you do.  So, tease the hair, then pull it back to join the braid at the back of the head:


You may want to make certain that any possibly open spots are covered by the hair:


4.  You’re going to take this hair and very carefully pull it through a section of the braid.  Like so:


You’re going to pull this all the way through:


And, afterwards, you’re going to lightly/carefully work that section of hair down along with the braid, hiding it from eyesight.  Working the hair down to it’s end, as a part of the braid:


(This may seem a little more work than just pinning the hair to stay there…but, it honestly looks better.  And, best part is, doing it this way: you’re free of bobby pins!)

5.  Is also optional.  You’re just going to curl all the leftover hair.  You don’t have to do this, I honestly only did it because my little sister has slightly thin hair, and curling it helped to make it seem as though her hair was thicker.  😉  Now, you can leave your hair like this.  Still looks super gorgeous!  OR, you can move on with me to the next step…

6.  Is simply pulling all the hair into a ponytail.  Should look something like this:


(as I said: sorry that my pics aren’t the best quality… taking pics while doing hair is slightly less than simple, haha. 😉 )  Now this is another option.  You can leave it as it is now, or you can go on to the last step.  Your choice!

7. all that you’re gonna do is gather all the hair into a messy form of a bun, and either bobby pin it in place, or, use a hairband to secure it.  Should look like this:


Overall look:


And that’s all there is to it!  Super easy!  And, not too time-consuming, right?  All in all, whichever option you decide to go with, I personally find it gorgeous!  Happy hairstyling, y’all!


Lace Milkmaid Braid

Hey everyone!

So, this week’s hairstyle is inspired by a braid I had learned and often “tested out” on my little sisters years ago.  The Lace Braid that I utilize here is quite simple to style.  A Lace Braid is essentially a French Braid, the only difference being that new hair is added in to just one side.  See here for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Basically, I parted her hair on the left side and began the braid right at the heavy side of the part.  I added in hair only to the right side (closest to her face) and continued to angle the braid all the way around.

IMGP1330The only tricky part is when you reach the back of her head, at the nape of her neck.  Make sure to hold your strands firmly and to add in the new strands pretty tightly so that the resulting braid is not baggy.

When I reached the end of her hair, I braided it off, secured it with an elastic, folded it over, and bobby pinned the tail nicely above her left ear.  If her hair is long enough, definitely wrap the end of the braid over the part line, securing it so that it blends with the beginning of the braid.  This technique produces the very best “milkmaid braid” effect.

Lastly, I loosened up the top edges of the braid to make them stand out, and pinned a couple of them to her head for added security.

And that’s it! I love the gorgeous “flower girl” look of milkmaid braids; perfect for summer sunshine!


Happy Hairstyling!