Hairstyle Requests

Leave your hairstyle requests in the comments down below. If you have a picture of a particular hairstyle, please leave a link for the image with your comment. 😉

12 thoughts on “Hairstyle Requests

  1. A regular three strand milkmaid’s braid is appealing.

    Or a bun that you wrap around a ponytail (after making the ponytail) that is secured with another ponytail holder or a scruncie.

    1. That’s so cute! It kinda looks like the bun that Belle wears in the animated “Beauty and the Beast” movie.

  2. Idk if you’ve done this one yet or not, but I am really interested in the rose buns…like I don’t have a good pic on this computer but the buns that are like braids twisted into the shape of a rose. I could post a pic tomorrow.

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