The 3 braid combo

I’m really sorry I didn’t post a hairstyle for the last post of the 6 in 6 days, I was really busy that day, and didn’t even realize until the next day that I hadn’t! Hopefully this makes up for it! 😉 From now on there will be a regular post each week (usually on a Monday.) Remember to subscribe for email notifications on new posts! Now lets get onto the hairstyle!

I saw a picture for this a while ago, but had never tried it before. I think it’s a really pretty, and unique hairstyle, and while it may be a difficult one to try on yourself, it’s great to do on other people! If you would like a diy tutorial on this hairstyle, please leave a comment below!


Items needed: Rat tail comb, brush, 2 small rubber elastics, 4-5 bobby pins.

  1.  Begin by parting the hair down the middle..
  2. then section off a crescent shaped bit of hair from the top of the part to above the ear, on either side of the head…
  3. tie back the remaining hair for the moment..
  4. Next lace braid from the part line on either side of the head until you run out of hair, finish off in a plait.
  5. Un-tie the remaining hair and french braid until you reach just above the nape of the neck…
  6. Finish off in a fishtail braid..
  7. Now go back and grab your two lace braids, tying them together with an elastic around where the rosette is in the picture…
  8. then pancake the braids a little to make them look fuller…
  9. and form a bun shaped rosette, pin it to hold it in place, and you’re done!

I’ll remind everyone once more, that this is going to be a request run site, so basically you make the request and we’ll try to do the hairstyle for you!

Got a question? Ask away!


The un-even braid

Here’s another hairstyle I published a while back here.

And yes I know, this isn’t a diy hairstyle, but don’t worry the majority of the hairstyles from now on will be! It’s also super, super easy to do on yourself, and if I had’ve had time I would’ve . 😉

Items Needed: Brush, comb, spray bottle, 2-3 small hair elastics.

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting the hair in the middle…
  2. Grab a medium-sized section of hair starting at the part line …
  3. Begin a simple 3-strand plait, only make one of the strands a lot thinner than the other two, {as you braid, you’ll notice a different look to the braid, which is all good}…
  4. Continue braiding the hair, until you reach the ends……
  5.  Secure with an elastic …
  6. Now, go back and gently pull a little bit the on the of the larger strands to loosen up the braid…
  7. Next, go to the other side of the head and repeat steps 2-6…
  8. Secure both braids at the back of the head with a small elastic…
  9. And your done!

How To Create a Braided Updo

So this is a hairstyle I made up a while back, I hope you like this braided updo!


Items you will need: hair brush, 2-3 hair elastics, 1 hair tie and a handful of bobby pins.

  1. To start of with you will need to part your hair off to one side….
  2. Separate a small section of hair from the front and french braid it until you get to just in front of your ear…
  3. Finish it off with a plait, and secure with an elastic…
  4. Then go back and gently tug on the outside edges of the braid to make it look bigger and softer..
  5. Keep the braid out of the way while you gather all of the rest of your hair in to a messy bun..
  6. Once you have the bun where you want it, secure it with bobby pins…
  7. And the wrap the braid around the bun and secure into place with a few more bobby pins.
  8. Add hairspray if desired.

I originally posted this here

Give it a try and let me know what you think of it! 🙂

Basic wand curls

For my first official post on Seton Girls Hairstyles, I’m going to show you how I do my basic wand curls! They’re pretty easy once you get the hang of using a wand, but it can take some practice (believe me, you should have seen some of my first attempts! ) So hopefully this tutorial will help you out, and please don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions ect!

I used the babyliss pro conical curling wand (32mm-19mm, )OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Items needed: curling wand, hair sectioning clips (or hair ties), & hairspray….(optional-heat protectant)

  1. Begin by sectioning of your hair into 3 even sections (one bottom, one middle and one top) depending on the thickness of your hair you may not need to have as many sections.
  2. Once your wand has heated up to the right temperature setting..
  3. Grab a small section of hair and wrap it around the wand..
  4. Hold it on the wand and count up to at least 10 or 15.. and then let the hair drop into your hand and let cool for a few seconds..
  5. Repeat steps 3-4 until you finish the first layer of hair…
  6. Lightly spray with hairspray if desired…
  7. then let down the middle section and repeat steps 3-4
  8. When you get to the top layer (if you have a side part or middle, make sure you part your hair down the middle (vice versa for if you have a middle part).. I’ll explain in a minute)
  9. Repeat steps 3-4 and once finished, let your hair cool for a minute of two..
  10. Then re-part you hair to where you would usually have it… (this gives the hair around your part a little more lift)
  11. And you’re done!

For the posts coming up, I fully intend to add more step-by-step pictures, so let me know if you think that’s a good idea? Feel free to leave a comment below! 😉

Basic hair care and tips

Here are just some simple hair tips 😉

Basic hair tips


  1. Make sure if you use shampoo not to over do it. (and only wash your hair every 2-3 days)  This helps your hair regulate it’s own natural oil production, keeping it nourished naturally. 😉
  2. Use a good hairbrush, this is very important because you don’t want to be damaging your hair with a bad one. Brushes like this one and this one are very gentle, and therefore, good for your hair.  These ones (or similar) could probably be found at most shops with hair supplies.
  3.  Always plait or braid your hair before going to bed; it prevents damage as you sleep and your hair is much more manageable when you wake up in the morning. If you can, using a scrunchie like this one :OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA is meant to be much better to sleep on than a normal hair tie, which is more prone to damage as you sleep.
  4. Another big tip would be never to use hair products with SLS (sodium laurel sulfate) SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) or any number of other bad product put there which you should avoid. That said, these are two of the most damaging for your hair (not to mention unhealthy.) So try to use natural and organic hair products when possible.
  5. One great hair product is argan oil.  It can be a bit more on the expensive side, but getting a good one is really worth it because it will last a long time. 😉  Coconut oil is also extremely effective for taming frizz and nourishing dry ends.
  6. One of the biggest tips is to have a hand mirror to use along with a larger mirror (a bathroom mirror for example) in order to see the back of your hair while you are braiding/styling.  This helps so much! Like this one: 
  7. When you wear any type of ponytail, do NOT take it out by yanking the rubber band through your hair.  Instead, try to gently unloop it until it slides out.  This simple change will prevent LOTS of unnecessary damage to your hair.
  8. Here is a great book on hair care; especially if your hair is curly:

Let us know if these tips were helpful!

~Clare & Emma

First blog post- The four basic braids

Hi all!

This is a tutorial for every basic braid you will ever need.  Master these, and you already have an awesome repertoire of hairstyling options!! 🙂 

In honour of our first week on the blog, there will be 6 posts in 6 days! So keep a look out, or subscribe for email notifications on new posts! ~Clare

THE 3-STRAND BRAID OR PLAIT (THE foundational braid!)

  1. Divide the hair into 3 pieces
  2. Cross the right strand over the middle strand
  3. Bring the left strand over the new middle strand
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 all the way down the hair
  5. Your braid is complete!!


  1.   Divide the hair into 3 pieces
  2.   Cross the left strand over the middle strand
  3.   Bring the right strand over the new middle strand
  4.   Repeat steps 2-3 all the way down the hair
  5.   Your braid is complete!!

THE DUTCH BRAID (inside-out braid)

  1. Divide the hair into 3 pieces
  2. Cross the left strand under the middle strand
  3. Bring the right strand behind the new middle strand
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 all the way down the hair
  5. Your braid is complete!!





  1. Divide the hair into 2 equal sections
  2. Next take a small piece of hair from the outside edge of the right section, and take it over the rest of that same section and combine it into the left section
  3. Now take a small piece of hair from the outside edge of the left section, and take it over the rest of that section, and combine it into the right section {simply the opposite of Step #3}…
  4. Continue Steps 3 & 4 over and over again until you run out of hair…
  5. and you’re done!

(Pictures provided by Clare 😉 )


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