Messy Braided Updo

This is a hairstyle I made up a while back, and I hope you like it!

Items you will need: hair brush, 2-3 hair elastics, 1 hair tie and a handful of bobby pins.

  1. To start of with you will need to part your hair off to one side….
  2. Separate a small section of hair from the front and french braid it until you get to just in front of your ear…
  3. Finish it off with a plait…
  4. Then go back and gently tug on the outside edges of the braid to make it look bigger and softer..
  5. Secure the ends of the braid with a small hair tie.
  6. Keep the braid out of the way while you gather all of the rest of your hair into a  ponytail..
  7. Next loosely twist you hair up into a messy bun..
  8. Once you have the bun where you want it, secure it with bobby pins…
  9. And the wrap the braid around the bun and secure into place with a few more bobby pins.
  10. Add hairspray if desired.

And there you have this simple braided messy bun, which could easily be dressed up or down for any casual or formal occasion!

{I originally posted this tutorial here}

Give it a try and let me know what you think of it! 🙂

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