The 3 braid combo

I saw a picture for this a while ago, but had never tried it before. I think it’s a really pretty, and unique braid. With a little practice this could easily become an awesome diy hairstyle!




Items needed: a comb, brush, 2 small rubber elastics, 4-5 bobby pins.

  1.  Begin by parting the hair down the middle..
  2. Then section off a crescent shaped bit of hair from the top of the part to above the ear, on either side of the head…
  3. Tie back the remaining hair for the moment..
  4. Next lace braid from the part line on either side of the head until you run out of hair, finish off in a plait.
  5. Un-tie the remaining hair and begin a french braid, using fairly large sections until you reach just above the nape of the neck…
  6. Divide the hair into two big sections..
  7. Finish off with a fishtail braid, and tie off the ends with an elastic..
  8. Now go back and grab your two lace braids, tying them together with an elastic around where the rosette is in the picture…
  9. Then pancake the braids by tugging on the edges of the plaits to make them look bigger…
  10. Next, form a bun shaped rosette, secure with bobby pins and adjust to your liking..
  11. Add hairspray if desired, and you’re done!

I’ll remind everyone again that you can make any hairstyle request and we’ll try to do a tutorial for you if possible.

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