Texas Lone Star bow-Raise Support For Texas – Maidens for Mary

Hey everyone, Clare here.

I had Ceci from the site Maidens for Mary  (her own personal site A looong time ago in a galaxy far far away,) ask me if I could publish a post regarding hers: Raise Support For Texas! {Giveaway Announcement}

She asked me because it involves a hair accessory, and well, we are a hairstyling site so anyway have a read of the post and then head on over to the site Maidens for Mary for the full thing..

Also, while I’m not an American, this is still a great fundraiser for all those people effected by the recent hurricane in Texas. 🙂

Here is her post:

Everyone has probably heard of the hurricane which has swept across Texas leaving devastation in its tracks. Texas has been in our prayers, both for the safety of its people, and for our family in the city of Houston, which might be the city that has been hit the worst.

Now, many of you may not know this, but my mom is the owner of Hair Bows 4 Life. And, in support of Texas, she has made the Texas Lone Star Bow.

(Taking her description from her website) It is a:

Texas Lone Star bow is a 4’white burlap ribbon bow on a 7′ Navy grosgrain ribbon cheer-dance bow style with a red star in the center and a mini blue medal of the Miraculous medal.

As you can tell by the photo, it is quite beautiful. All the money from the sale of this bow will go to the Catholic Charities in Houston. So, you will be helping Houstonand getting a beautiful bow. Win-Win, no?…… -via Maidens for Mary

So definitely go check out that bow, and leave a comment below if you buy one! 😉

Remember to subscribe to Maidens for Mary.. and while you’re at it, if you haven’t already, subscribe here too! 😉

Have a good weekend,




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