#1 Tips/dealing with frizzy hair


  1. Some frizz can be caused be shampoo. So why not give the no-shampoo method a try? It can really reduce your frizz and make your hair more manageable.
  2. The best shampoo replacement I’ve found at the moment is the Bicarb rinse. All you need to do is measure out 1 tablespoon of Bicarb into a cup (or something you can use in the shower) and then pour in about 1/3  boiling water, stir it until most of the Bicarb has dissolved and then fill up the rest of the cup with cool water (no more than an actual cup measurement of water) until it’s lukewarm. Apply to wet hair in the shower, gently rub it in, and rinse.  It’s great!
  3. If your hair is very dry the strands literally stick out to try and find moister in the air (a.k.a frizz). One thing that can really help with frizz is Argan oil. This will help with adding extra moister into your hair. It can be a bit expensive, but if you shop around and look online for the best deals I’m sure you can find an affordable one. I would definitely recommend the one from the brand NUME it’s amazing!
  4. Leaving in some of your conditioner after you wash your hair also helps with frizz. Try out rinsing out different amounts until you find how much will work for you.

The best conditioners I would recommend are:

 Organic Care Conditioner Dry Moist image

(The links for where to get them are embedded in the images.)

5. Rinsing your hair off with cool water also makes a huge difference, as it closes up the cuticles. Leaving you with much less frizz.

6. Making sure you don’t go to bed with you hair out, or in a ponytail will also help. As frizz can be caused by breakage. So try (depending on your hair length) to either plait, or pull all your hair up into a bun or something similar on top of your head. Use a scruncie if possible because they cause less damage than a hair tie.

Ok well that’s all for now, I took several of the tips from the post “Our Hair Care Routines” .

Let me know if any of these tips were helpful to you, and feel free to share some of your own!


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