#2 Q&A – do you know of a conditioner for super sensitive skin?

Cath Creations: I just used bicarb soda instead of shampoo this morning and I have no more dandruff! My scalp only became itchy after I put in the conditioner, do you know of a conditioner for super sensitive skin? I also blow dried it afterwards because the water on my scalp for a long time also makes it itchy, any suggestions?

Answer: That’s great! I’m glad the dandruff is gone. One of the reasons your scalp may have gotten itchy is because your bicarb mix was either too strong or it was too hot.  Then you may have rinsed it out with water that was too warm. I recommend rinsing out the bicarb mix with warm-lukewarm water. This also cuts down on frizz.

As I have recommended in previous posts these are some of my favourite conditioners: 

They’re both made with natural/organic ingredients so will be less likely to react with your sensitive scalp. I hope one of them will help! (the links are, as always, embedded in the images 😉 )

If you found this type of post helpful, leave a comment below. If you have any other questions/future hairstyle requests, we’ll be happy to hear them and try our best to give them a go!

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