Top 10 tutorials of 2017

Happy New Year everyone!! Here are our top ten tutorials of 2017!

#1: DIY Overnight Curls/Waves

#2: 3 DIY hairdos for short hair

#3: Hat Hair! (3 Easy DIY Baseball Cap Hairstyles)

#4: My Favorite Messy Bun (NO bobby pins!)

#5: Double french braided ponytail/sport hairstyles

#6:Rope Twisted Updo

#7: Waterfall Twist & Reverse Fishtail

#8:3 Minute Fancy Updo!

#9:Diy Waterfall Braid

#10:DIY fishtail braid (video)

Have a great New Years Eve! See you all in 2018!!



Wow!! I can’t even believe it! 5,000 views! When Emma and I started SGH back in June, I had no idea this would do so well so fast! Seriously all of us here on the SGH team have all of you to thank for this. We all can’t even describe how much joy it brings us to share the gift of hairstyling with you all. We really would not be able to do it without you. A HUGE “thank you” to all of our viewers who make SGH possible!

-Clare, Emma, Maria, Emily, Sophia, and Sabrina < 3