Dutch fishtail braid

I can’t begin to tell you all how much I love this braid, it just looks so awesome! So I’m going to show you how to create a dutch fishtail braid, with my cousin modelling for me again. Now it can be quite time consuming at first, but the end result is totally worth it in my opinion! 😉


You could also do this as a side braid, into a ponytail (I’ve done it a few times for sport) or you could completely braid it all the way down the side.



Hopefully you like it!

Items needed: brush, 1 hair tie, hairspray and bobby pins {if desired}.

Time:10-15 minutes

Skill level: Hard

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Pick up a section of hair at the front of the hair, and divide it into two halves.
  2. Take a small piece from the right section, cross it underneath and add it to the left section.
  3. Next, take a small piece from the left section, cross it underneath, adding it into the right section.
  4. Cross a section from the right underneath to the left and then pick up a section of hair, crossing it underneath and adding it into the previously crossed section. This  is the same as doing a dutch braid where hair is brought in. The two main sections is how the fishtail effect is created.
  5.  Next cross a section from the right underneath to the left, bring in a section, crossing it under as well.
  6.  Now repeat steps 2 -5 crossing sections underneath and bring in hair until all of the hair is incorporated into the braid.
  7.  When all the hair is brought in, finish in a regular reverse fishtail braid.
  8.  Tie off the end with a hair elastic.
  9. Now, gently loosen the edges of the braid by pulling the edges of the braid. This creates the big, full braid that looks awesome!
  10. Add hairspray if desired.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Remember to leave a comment below, we love hearing from you all.  If you found the written instructions difficult to follow, leave a comment to let me know, and I will see about making a video tutorial for you! 😉

11 thoughts on “Dutch fishtail braid

  1. It looks really cool! Love the hair!
    I just couldn’t quite figure out how to do it properly tho, and was wondering if you could do some more step-by-step photos or something? If you can’t don’t worry about it 😉

    1. Thanks! And I know, my cousin has gorgeous hair! 🙂 😉
      Yeah I’m sorry about that, I’d really love to do a DIY video for it soon, and will let you know as soon as I put one up! 🙂 I find it hard to follow written instructions sometimes as well. 😉

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