#4 Q&A-How to get rid of split ends without having a hair cut?

Therese asked: “Any info on how to get rid of split ends without actually having a hair cut?

Answer: First off, let’s talk about a few  causes of split ends.

  1. Split ends are more common among women who have long hair. (but you don’t have to have long hair to get them; trust me! 😉 )
  2. Split ends occur when hair follicles become dry, brittle, and lose their protective outer layer.
  3.  Roughly brushing your hair, especially when you have big knots will cause breakage, aka. split ends.

A couple of things you can do to counteract split ends:

  1.  Brush you hair as gently as possible at all times; if you have a really bad knot it might be better to just wash your hair altogether and add plenty of conditioner to the knotted area.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb in the shower whenever possible, and remember to always be gentle with your hair.
  3. Only brush your hair when you have to. There is actually no need to brush you hair each day when you get out of bed, sometimes just running your fingers through the worst of you hair is enough.
  4. Don’t rub a towel over your hair to dry it. Instead, gently squeeze the water out of it with the towel.

Now, to fix those nasty split ends without actually going to the hairdressers….

One thing I read about a while ago is (I don’t remember what they called it 😀 ) , but basically what you do when you see split ends in you hair (instead of picking at it ect.) you get a pair of hair cutting scissors, and just trim off the part that is split. But remember not to use any sort of regular scissors as they will damage your hair even further. I found a reasonably priced pair of trimming scissors at Woolworths. So I’m sure you could easily find some at your supermarket or grocery store ect.

Another things that can help repair your ends, is to apply some sort of hair oil on the ends of your hair every day. Argan oil is great, but coconut oil will also work well (but don’t use too much of that or your hair won’t absorb it all 😉 )

Sabrina also had a few tips to add:  Use leave in conditioner when brushing out your hair because it adds a little bit more protection for your hair.

Limit heat styling and use hair masks and/or coconut oil (which Clare mentioned ;)) to strengthen your hair.

Also protect your hair while sleeping, so put it in a loose bun or braid it, to prevent breakage. I also read that protecting your hair from the sun helps. Like using a hat or spraying in a sunscreen leave in conditioner.

Back to Clare 😉 : All that said, if you have really long hair, getting a centimeter or two off the ends wouldn’t look much different, but would help your hair out a lot.

And there you go, I hope this post was helpful, leave a comment below on what you favourite hair care tips are!

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