Cinderella French Braids

Hey everybody!

Can you believe New Years Eve is nearly here?! Crazy.

In anticipation of the new year, I have a super fun DIY hairstyle to show you all. It’s my Cinderella French braids.


So, these aren’t supposed to look exactly like the braids Lily James wore in the movie “Cinderella,” but I did use them as inspiration, and they do look very similar. 🙂 I love wearing this hairstyle so much. It is definitely one of my most frequently used looks. I love messier hairstyles. They just look so effortless and beautiful.

level of difficulty: intermediate

time needed: 10 minutes

items needed: two elastics

1.) Start with a side part. You can do a middle part, if you’d like, though.

2.) Grab a large section of hair near your part-line. It doesn’t have to be exact, since Cinderella’s hair was rather messy looking. My section was probably two inches thick. Split into three strands.


3.) Begin a regular french braid. Keep the braid going more straight back, rather than forming it too close to your ear. (Hopefully the pictures show you what I mean.) I think Lily James wore two lace braids, but I like to begin with a French braid, to kind of “anchor” the hairstyle in place all day.


4.) Once you have french-braided for about three stitches, begin a lace braid. (Three stitches means you’ve added in hair and crossed the strands over about three times.) You can do a lace braid by solely adding from the hair-line, rather than the part line.

5.) Once you reach your ear, stop adding in hair, and do a regular three strand braid. I like to leave about two to three inches of hair unbraided, to give more of an “undone” look. Secure with an elastic.


6.) Repeat steps 2-5 on the other side of the part-line.

7.) “Pancake” the braids, to make them appear fuller and messier. I also like to “ruffle” the french-braid part of the hairstyle. I do this by putting one hand on the french-braided part, and moving it gently back-and-forth. This should make it a tad looser, and appear a little bit softer.


…and, you’re done! This hairstyle is so great, since it can be worn as an everyday look. For special occasions though, I like to amp them up with some wand curls. 😉





I hope you all enjoyed seeing and trying out my Cinderella-inspired look! Let me know what you think!

Catch ya later!

– Sophia

18 thoughts on “Cinderella French Braids

  1. I’d have to practice the lace braid, but I think I can do this hairstyle. You did a good job at being clear with your instructions.

  2. These are so pretty!! And of course, I love Cinderella, so I may just have to try them sometime. My hair isn’t as long as yours, but maybe it will still work. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a happy new year!

    1. Thank you! I know, I absolutely love Cinderella. 🙂 I think the hairstyle would still work on medium or shorter length hair. Hope you have a Happy New Year! XD

  3. Love this hairstyle, Favs!! Like you said, i think it would look great on shorter hair too, so i am really excited to try it out on my short hair! Plus, it might give it a more messier look with my layers too? 😉

  4. It looks really cool! I shall definitely have to try this out sometime!

    Btw, off topic, I like your Ed Sheeran top! 😀

    1. Thanks! Let me know how you like it when you try it out! 😀

      oh my gosh, thanks so much! Ed Sheeran is like, my favorite artist. 😉

        1. I’m not quite sure, since it was a gift, but most likely good ol’ Amazon or maybe Hot Topic? Hehe, I’m glad you like it. 😀

  5. Cinderella is my absolute favorite and I just love her hair in the movie so this is just so fantastic!!! It looks so beautiful, Sophia! I will definitely have to try it now. Thank you!!!

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