Which Hairstyle? (Poll)

Hey everyone, Clare here again. I was deciding on which tutorial I should do next week, when I thought why not let you girls decide this time? 🙂

So here are the choices (some taken from the suggestions in Hairstyle Requests ):

#1- Easy messy buns

#2- Five ways to wear the half-up bun:

5 - Copy

#3-This hairstyle:

#4-This hairstyle:

or #5-this one:

The Poll is multi-choice and you can also repeat vote. 😉

The voting will end on the 20th of Jan.

5 thoughts on “Which Hairstyle? (Poll)

  1. Wow they are all so pretty and cool! Can’t wait to see which one will win the poll, and I can’t wait to see tutorials for them all!

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