2017 Survey results

I’m happy to announce that we have just reached over 50 subscribers!! And now…

Here are the results from the recent survey that was taken here on SGH!

#1- Which hairstyles do you want to see?

35% voted for more DIY hairstyles

29% of you chose the ‘other’ option saying that you wanted:

  • Some hairstyles with headbands
  • Hairstyles for short/medium hair.
  • Maybe you guys could give some suggestions on different ways you can get your hair cut, or ways to grow out your hair really fast.
  • More half-up  hairstyles.
  • Some hairstyles with flat irons.
  • Maybe more heat-less overnight curls.
  • More curly styles.

18% voted for more medium length hairstyles.

12% voted for more long hairstyles.

and 6% voted for more short hairstyles.

#2-How often do you think we should post tutorials? 

76% voted to have tutorials once a week like we already do.

12% voted for tutorials twice every week.

and 12% voted for tutorials every day.

#3-What things would you like to see improve for Seton Girls’ Hairstyles in 2018? 

Most of you gave similar answers such as to just keep doing what we’re doing, or nothing at all, it’s good/perfect the way it is.. thank you so much for your responses! 😉

You also asked for more:

  • Hair care tips & tricks
  • Videos & pictures
  • Plaits
  • Curly styles

#4-What are your favourite things about Seton Girls’ Hairstyles?

Here are some of the responses:

  • You show clear, easy instructions for hairstyles I would never think to try! And you include pictures and videos to make it that much easier!
  • I love learning how to do all the different kinds of braids. So far, I’ve only mastered the french braid, but hopefully soon I can accomplish the dutch braid. 🙂
  • I love doing more different hairstyles for me besides a bun or braid and this is the perfect site!!
  • I love the layout of the site, and especially love the braid and updo tutorials. 😉
  • How easy they are & the creativity.
  • Your website is very pretty, and you make the tutorials so easy!
  • I really like all the variety of hairstyles you girls have.
  • Seeing the creativity.
  • Learning new hairstyles.
  • Everything!

We’re to happy to know that you consider our tutorials so easy, and that you love our site. Thanks so much for your positive feedback!!

#5- How did you find SGH?

Most of you answered either a friend or several other things.

#6-Which tutorials do you like best? (The answers were Video, Step-by-step pictures, or clearly explained written instructions.)

47% voted for video tutorials

47% voted for Step-by-step picture tutorials

and 6% voted for clearly explained written instructions

It’s quite obvious that people both like video tutorials and step-by-step picture tutorials the most, so we will try to only have one of those options in our tutorials from now on! 🙂

And that’s the end of the survey results! Thank you so much for those of you that took it, and please don’t hesitate to add anything else in the comments down below!!!

We’re launching a new campaign to reach out to more people-you can help by emailing, sharing, or telling at least 5 of your friends about Seton Girls’ Hairstyles, encouraging them to subscribe and pass on the link ( https://setongirlshairstyles.com ) to 5 more of their friends ect. Thank you so much for your support! Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂


2 thoughts on “2017 Survey results

  1. The hairstyles on this blog are lovely! I was wondering if it might be possible to see some historical updo hairstyles…that would be great!

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