#2 Tips/Tips for styling thin, curly, and hard to hold hair

Here are a couple of tips for thin, curly, and hard to hold hair:
  1.  Say you were going to braid all of your hair but it won’t stay in place, what you can do is get a water spray bottle and fill it with water and a small amount of conditioner, then shake it up, then spray all over your hair before braiding so it’s easier to brush through.
  2.  If you’re braiding or styling dry hair add a little bit of mouse into your hair to help the braid hold, then hairspray once you’ve finished.
  3. Another tip to keep your braids secure is to try braiding as tightly as you can and then loosen it when you’re done. 😉
I always find it easier to answer questions, than to just giving overall advice, so if you have any specific questions, I’d be more than happy to try to answer them!

One thought on “#2 Tips/Tips for styling thin, curly, and hard to hold hair

  1. My hair is really thick so I don’t really have to worry about this, but I am so going to try these tips out on my younger sister!!! Like seriously, her hair never stays out of her face!!! 😀

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