Boho Rosette Bun Half-up Style

Hello Everyone and happy March!

I have a really cute hairstyle to show you all which works on both short and long hair. This hairstyle is inspired by a request made by ‘Mia Tinuviel’ to do a tutorial on the rosette bun. Thank you so much for requesting this tutorial!



Items needed: 3 small hair elastics (preferably ones that match your hair color), 10-15 bobby pins as needed // Difficulty: Medium // Time: 10-15 minutes


1.) Part your hair in the middle (you can part it to the side too if you would like but I think that middle parts look more boho). You want the part line to end just a few inches away from your hairline because you are going to gather the back.


2.) Gather the back part of your hair just like you would do for a regular half up, then divide that into three sections and secure two of them with elastics to keep them out of the way.


3.) With the one loose section you have, do a regular three strand braid.


4.) Now pancake the braid, however only pull one side of the braid. (it is easier to make the pancaking on one side more dramatic if you have longer hair, but it will still work with short hair.)


5.) Repeat steps 3-4 with the other two strands.


6.) Using one of your braids, coil it in the opposite direction of the pancaked side. Since I pulled the left side, I coiled it to the right. Secure each bun with bobby pins.


I used clear elastics because I didn’t have black ones, but if you have ones that match your hair, they will be more disguised.

So that is how you do a rosette bun! You can do this as a half up with only one bun, or gather all your hair and do one rosette bun, or you can even do double rosette buns. ^_^

But to finish this style….

7.) Gather a piece from the front, loosely twist it, and bobby pin it back. Repeat on the other side.


And there you have my boho rosette bun half-up style!


I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle! You can leave other hairstyle requests by clicking here! Please leave a comment down below with any questions and/or comments, and don’t forget to subscribe. (:

see ya!


10 thoughts on “Boho Rosette Bun Half-up Style

  1. Awesome post, Sabby!! Lovin’ the boho styles!!! <3333 Inner gypsy part of me LOVES all hairstyles boho-related. xP <3333 Again, fantastic post!–as they always are! 😀

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