French Fishtail Side Braid

*Bonus Post*

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! We have a special bonus post for  you today!

Hey hey hey, everyone! Today, I have a super easy, super cute hairstyle to show y’all! So, this is one of my favorites to do when my hair is just a plain old mess, and I want that somewhat boho style. It’s really easy, takes little timing, and comes out really cute! Let’s get to it!

Items needed: two bobby pins, one elastic, and hairspray if desired.

Time: roughly 5 minutes

Difficulty: medium

1. Alrighty, to start, grab a small section of hair, anywhere from about a half an inch to an inch away from the front of your face.

2.With this section, begin to French-fishtail (by adding in hair to a normal fishtail braid) the the section until you get to the back of your ear (if you’re dealing with short hair, you may want to do the braid with smaller sections.)

3. Now, with that hair, continue to fishtail-braid (but you’re not adding hair in anymore!)


4.When you get to the end of your braid, hold it somewhat tightly, so that you do not undo your work.

5.Then, begin pancaking the braid by tugging on the edges (little tip: if you’re looking for a messier appearance, pancake the braid a bit more.)



6.Secure the pancaked braid with an elastic. Then, pin the braid to your desired placing (I like to hide my bobby pins, so I make sure to pin my braid behind a section of hair.)

And that’s all there is to it! If you’re dealing with shorter hair like mine, I would suggest hairspraying it.

Another little tip: if you want an even messier, boho appearance, grab different sizes of sections of hair throughout the braiding—rather than the same all the way through. (; Anywho! That’s about it!

(If you want a more formal look or just perhaps a tad fancier, I recommend curling your hair.  This side braid looks really cute on curly hair! And also try to make the braid as even a possible.)

Thanks for reading! Happy hairstyling, y’all!



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14 thoughts on “French Fishtail Side Braid

    1. Haha! Thanks, Therese! I’m so glad that you love it! 😀 It’s definitely one of my favorite go-to’s when I’m in a hurry and have little time to do anything to my hair. 😉 Thanks again! <333

    1. I highly recommend it! It’s perfect for when you’re running out of time, and you just want a quick messy hairdo. 😉 And, it looks great on both long and short hair. 😉 Let me know if you try it out, and if you like it! <33

  1. I LOVE this Emily!!!! Seriously I think this will be a new go-to, especially because it’s literally 100x worse having bad hair days with short hair because you can’t throw it up in a messy bun haha : P (and I have my fair share of those days XD) Excited to try this out, and I love your pup! ❤ ❤

    1. Aww thanks, Sabrina!!! You’re too sweet! ❤ Oh, trust me, I know, haha. xP Which is precisely why this has been my new go-to for short hair, haha. xD Hope you like the hairdo! Let me know if you like it or not! 😀 Oh, thanks, haha! She decided to join me in modeling that day. 😉 ❤

      1. I tried out the hairstyle this morning and oh my goodness do I love love love it ❤ My hair was so messy this morning but doing this hairstyle makes it look so put together and cute! Definitely want to do it again tomorrow! I'm thinking of doing a fishtail braid on both sides, because I love the look of it so much. (:

        1. Oh, goody!!! I’m glad that you’re liking it so much! 😀 I know, I actually did it to myself yesterday because I was going to choir practice and my hair was a mess. But, doing the fishtail makes it looks much more….boho, almost, and yes, definitely much more put together. 😉 Oh, yes! Doing one on both sides is super cute too(I’ve done it to myself a number of times, haha. 😉 )! I just prefer one sided because it’s…idk, a little different. 😉 xP Thanks for letting me know that you liked it! <33

  2. Thank you for this post Emily, I really like it! I struggle a bit knowing what to do with my hair when it comes to fishtails because it’s not very long…I’ll have to try this out sometime! 🙂

    1. Thanks for commenting, Maria! I know how that is. 😉 Which is actually why I love this style so much, haha. It’s really simple, and quite lovely. 😉 Let me know how it turns out for ya! <33

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