Bonus Post

Hey everyone! Today is a little bit of a bonus post where I’m going to share with you some of our older tutorials which we have on here that quite a few of you may have never seen before! 😉

No. 1 The 3 Braid Combo:

I really enjoyed doing this braid, and would recommend checking it out if you haven’t already! 😉

No.2 Messy Braided Updo:

This was literally one of the first DIY tutorials I ever created, and it can easily be dressed up or down!

No.3 Twisted Half-up Hairstyle (By Sophia)


“This is great for formal occasions, holiday parties, or for everyday!”

No. 4 Pull-through Braided Half-up Hairstyle for Short Hair (By Sabrina)

“One of the best things about this hairstyle is that it looks great on long hair as well, and you can dress it up or down.”

No. 5 Faux Twisted Updo:

This one is so much easier than it looks, and is really pretty! 😉

You can find all our tutorials in the Gallery. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. And congratulations to all the Seton students (including Sophia) who are graduating this weekend!!


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