Rope Twist Headband Braid

Hey everyone! I’m delighted to be sharing a post with you during the week of the One-Year Anniversary of SGH!

Today I’m going to show you a very simple, yet stylish hairstyle! Totally DIY, I’ve tried it out and really love how simple it is, but today my sister is modelling it for me! This hairstyle is great for fancier occasions, or for just around the house!


Let’s get to it!

Items needed: 2 hair ties, bobby pins

Time duration: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1: Part hair to a side part. On the heavy side of the part, reach under and pick up a section of hair from near the ear.




Step 2: Divide the section of hair into two, and do a rope twist, basically just twisting the two sections of hair together, in an upwards direction all the way to the end.




Step 3: Once you reach the end, lift it up and sit it over the top of your head, like a headband.




Step 4: Secure with a couple bobby pins underneath the hair, and you can also put a few more bobby pin along the top to make it a bit more secure 😉

image (10)

Step 5: You now have the rope twist as a headband, and if you wanted just a quick half-up, you could stop here. There are many varieties to this hairstyle. 😀 To keep going, gather all the hair into a low ponytail.

image (17)

Step 6: Once again, you could just stop here. 🙂 Or continue onto the next step…..

Simply plait the ponytail into a French plait. Pancake if desired.

image (18)


And there you have it!A simple, and yet fancy, hairstyle! 😀

image (22)


image (29)


9 thoughts on “Rope Twist Headband Braid

    1. Yes, she does indeed have lovely hair! 😀 Most of the girls in my family, including myself, have that colour 😉 😀

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