#5 Q&A- My hair is oily, yet very dry, and it feels gross. I’m worried if I condition it, it will be oily! Do you have any advice for me?

I must wash my hair every night because I swim 6 days a week. The day I don’t swim, I usually use dry shampoo. I don’t condition my hair if I can help it because I have oily hair. I also color my hair on a regular basis. Lately my hair has been almost sticky… it’s not smooth, it’s very dry, and it just feels gross. I’m worried if I condition it, it will be oily! Do you have any advice for me?


I think the main part of your problem is actually that you’re not using conditioner. Despite what most people think, conditioner rarely contributes to oily hair. The reason your hair is probably quite oily and dry is because you’re only using shampoo which strips the naturals oils from your hair, and in turn, makes your hair dry, and then because you’re not adding conditioner it over-produces oil.

Since you also have swimming every day the chlorine will obviously be damaging your hair too. I’ve actually heard that you can coat your hair  with conditioner before swimming (combing it right through, and maybe plait it or put it up), this is supposed to act as a sort of barrier against the chlorine. Plus, it’s moisturizing your hair at the same time! 😉 Just rinse it out afterwards and then wash your hair with a small amount of shampoo (only on the scalp) rinse, and then apply conditioner to the rest of your hair, comb out all the knots, and then rinse out with cool water.

Also, it’s probably best if you let your hair air-dry whenever possible, this will reduce some of the dryness and damage.

Conditioning your hair regularly will actually make it a lot more smooth and less dry, focus a lot of the conditioner of the bottom half of your hair which is usually the driest area.  Your hair will benefit a lot more from a conditioner will natural ingredients, because then you won’t be adding more harmful chemicals into your hair. 😉

I hope some of these tips will help you, let me know down below in the comments if you or anyone else have any more questions!

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