#6 Q&A-What hair ties should I use to reduce breakage?

Today I have another Q&A for you, I’ve been asked quite a few different questions recently, and try to answer them the best I can, as soon as I can. Feel free to ask me anything else down in the comments! (This also will end the week of posts for the 1 year anniversary 😉 )

A couple of girls asked me recently: “what hair ties should they use to reduce breakage?


The best advice I can give you to reduce damage from hair ties is firstly, make sure you never use those hair ties which have a metal bit on them. They literally saw into your hair causing all sorts of damage. Instead just buy metal free hair ties like these ones:Oscar Orsen Large Snagless Hair Elastics Black image

Second, if you’re experiencing a lot of damage, consider tying your hair up with a scrunchie instead (at least when you’re around the house or in bed.) They’re much gentler on your hair. Plus, they’re back in fashion now and you can find some really cute options. 😉 2 Pack Bunny Ear Velvet Look Scrunchies - Black & Grey

As Emma mentioned in our basic hair care & styling tips post:

‘When you wear any type of ponytail, do NOT take it out by yanking the hair band through your hair.  Instead, try to gently unloop it until it slides out.  This simple change will prevent LOTS of unnecessary damage to your hair.’ 😉

Hopefully these simple tips were helpful, and let me know if you have any question down in the comments! 🙂

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