College Messy-Bun

Hello everyone! 🙂

How’s your summer been? Gosh, it’s already August! With September nearing, school is going to be starting again. Since I’m going to be a freshman in college this year, I thought I’d start a new series of college appropriate hairstyles. These hairstyles will all be DIY, take under ten minutes to do, and be great for all different types of occasions! Perfect for a college student, or anyone who needs a quick but cute hairstyle.

To kick-start this new idea, I felt that I absolutely have to include a classic, college hairstyle: the messy-bun.

This hairstyle is stylish, easy, and perfect for a wide variety of occasions. (And a personal go-to of mine!) In this post, I’ll  be giving out some tips on how I get my messy-bun to look really full and pretty. 😉

Difficulty level: easy

Time needed: 5 minutes

Items needed: 1 hairband, 3-5 bobby pins

1.) Begin with brushed, untangled hair. If your hair is tangled, I find that the messy-bun is harder to do and doesn’t look as smooth.

2.) Gather all of your hair up, as if to tie into a high ponytail.

3.) Twist and coil the section, wrapping it around once. important note: in order to achieve a voluminous, large messy-bun, you should have a few inches of hair out of the tie. Try to keep these ends at the top of your head, since it’ll work better than having them pointing downwards towards the nape of your neck. (Please see photo for example.)

4.) Secure bun with a hairband. With the ends flaring out at the top of your head, the hairstyle should look a little bit messy, which is perfectly normal.

5.) Gently tug and pull at the bun. important note: The reason to keep the ends sticking up at the top of your head, is to assure that you’ll be able to really pull the bun and make it look larger than it would without any tugging. Once you have finished pulling on the bun, it should look larger, and you shouldn’t be able to see the ends anymore.

6.) Secure the bun with bobby-pins.

…and that’s it! A very classic messy-bun!

I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle, and found the tips helpful. Let me know what you think of it in the comments, and leave suggestions for us here.

Catch you later!

–Sophia 🙂

7 thoughts on “College Messy-Bun

  1. Yay, I can finally do a messy bun! I was pretty happy to be able to do it, since my hair sits just below my shoulders. 🙂 Thank you Sophia, a great post (as usual) with a very helpful tutorial!!

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