The Rope-Braided Crown Ponytail | Bonus Post

Hey hey hey everyone!  I sincerely hope y’all are doing fantastic!  And I hope the school year is going great as well.  😉

Now, I know that a wide majority of the requests were updos for both casual and fancy occasions, and I’m proud to say that this style definitely falls under both of those categories! 😉

This is a great style for if you’re at work, or for Church, and basically anything else, haha!  It’s a great do, and is perfect for nearly everything!

Items needed: 2 small rubber band hair-ties, 1 normal hair tie, some bobby pins (hairspray is desired)

Time: 5-8 minutes

Difficulty: easy

So!  To start, you’re gonna…..

Step 1) Brush hair, then part hair(it doesn’t really make a difference if it’s a middle part, or a side part–just as long as its parted!).

Step 2) Split your hair into three separate sections…


Two sections ending BEFORE the ears, and the third section is consisted of all the hair in the back.

Step 3) Pull the hair in the back into a ponytail{tip: tease the hair at the top to make the ponytail fuller 😉 }

Step 4) With the right side of hair, begin a lace rope-braid, with a small section from the top–near to the part. When you reach your ear, complete as a regular rope-braid. Pancake the braid, and tie off with an elastic.  It should look something like this:


Step 5) Now, you’re just gonna repeat step 4 on the other side.

Step 6) Now, you’re gonna take that right braid and place it on the back of your head–opposite of the side it’s on!–Like so:


And pin in place–this can be either a temporary pin just to keep it there, or you can secure it well enough to last the entirety of the day, your choice 😉 —

Step 7) Now repeat step 6 to the other side.  What you’re basically trying to do is cover up the ponytail’s hairband.  😉


Step 8) Now that you have the braids in the back, what you’re gonna do is either:

(a) Pin the ends under the ponytail so that they are less noticeable, OR:

(b) Secure the two ends together UNDER the ponytail with another clear elastic–this is what I prefer, mainly because bobby pins do not last long in my hair  😉

Step 9) {This step is optional} Take a clear elastic and secure the entire ponytail to ensure that the hair is going to stay together.

Step 10) Go through and secure loose hairs with bobby pins/pancake what sections of the braids appear to need it.

Step 11) Hairspray!

Now, you’ve finished and you got the beautiful Rope-Braided Crown Ponytail!

I hope this post helped some of y’all out, and I hope that y’all enjoyed it!

Happy hairstyling!

❤ always: Emily

11 thoughts on “The Rope-Braided Crown Ponytail | Bonus Post

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Therese! You’re soooo kind! <3333 I'm seriously so happy that you liked this style! :3 And thanks for liking the pics as well. 😉 I'm starting to get better at photography–slowly but surely. ;P Thank you once again! <333

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