Mini Boho Braids

This style is quick, pretty, and fairly easy to do: that describes most of my favourite DIY hairstyles for weekdays! For those of you who love boho styles, I hope you enjoy this post! Thank you Victoria for commenting on the Hairstyles Requests page – this isn’t a post of the particular hairstyle you wanted, but I hope you like this anyway. 🙂

At first glance this looks like a mini three-strand plait (and you could definitely achieve the same look that way 😉 ) but for an extra bit of fun and detail, I did a four-strand braid. For a video, check out Clare’s lovely post – the method’s exactly the same, it’s just a smaller braid!

Items needed: small hair tie or clip

Time: 5-15 minutes (depends on the length of your hair)

Difficulty: Easy

Here’s the step-by-step tutorial:

With hair parted down the middle, take a strand of hair and split it into four. (Hint: If you’re struggling to get your hair to meet at the back, you could try taking hair from further down the part instead of at your forehead like in the third picture below.)


Put the end strand over the strand next to it, under the next one, and over the last piece.


There you have it! Once more, you have your four pieces, the outermost piece goes over, then under, then over.


Once you’ve braided to the end, tie it off and repeat on the other side. Join them together and tie or clip them in place.


For a sports hairstyle, or just something out of the way, you could tie the braids back into a ponytail.


To get slightly different looks, try changing the size of the stands you use.


A big thank you to my brother for patiently taking photo after photo for me, and getting them to look the way I wanted! Please be sure to let me know what you thought of this hairstyle and step-by-step tutorial in the comments. I hope you all have a good week! 🙂

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