Seashell Bun | College Hairstyle

Hello everybody!

Autumn is here in the States, and I’m so happy because Autumn is my favorite season! For the third post of my college hairstyle series, I’m going to be showing you all how to do a fun updo I call the Seashell Bun. After I made it up, it reminded me of seashell.

Honestly, it looks harder than it is. With a tiny bit of practice, this hairstyle will become another fast hairstyle to do on days when you want your hair up. Plus, it’s great for formal occasions, too!

difficulty level: intermediate

Time needed: ten minutes

Items needed: 10 bobby pins*, 1 hairband

*I have a lot of layers in my hair, so adjust the bobby pin count as needed. 😉

1.) Begin by tying your hair up into a high ponytail.

2.) With your ponytail secured, pull hairband 1-2 inches away from the crown of your head.

3.) In the space you have created, made a kind of “hole” right in the middle of it. (see picture for reference.)

4.) Flip your ponytail through the hole you have made. The ponytail should end upwards. (See pictures for reference.) *important note: this might by the trickiest part of the hairstyle, so don’t be frustrated if it takes a couple times to do it. 😉 (think of it as an upside-down topsy-tail)

5.) Split ponytail into two sections, and tug gently, to tighten the band closer to your crown. This twist you’ve created will act kind of as a type of tripod, and support the seashell shape.

6.) Let your ponytail rest over the twist.  From that position, begin coiling the ends of the ponytail into a little bun. Secure the bun underneath the “roll” the ponytail has made.

7.) Bobby pin any layers.

…and there you have it! All the steps to do the seashell bun! It might take a little bit of practice, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll be very quick and easy.

Let me know what you think in the comments, and leave us some hairstyle requests here. 🙂

Catch you later!


9 thoughts on “Seashell Bun | College Hairstyle

  1. Definitely keeping this hairstyle in mind! I love it! I just have to see if I can find more bobby pins.

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