~French Braid Updo~ | Short hairstyles

Hello everyone and welcome back!

Today I am going to show you how to create this beautiful french braided updo. Its great for any occasion and is super fast as well! It also works on shorter hair as long as you can get it into a french braid.IMG_0372

lets get started!


Items needed: 1-2 small hair elastics, 3-5 bobby pins as needed // time needed: 5-10 minutes // difficulty: easy


1.) Start by brushing your hair back


2.) Gather a small section from the front of your head and do a french braid all the way back. If you have shorter hair like me, then secure with an elastic at the nape of your neck (this will help the hairstyle stay more secure). If you don’t, then keep braiding down until you run out of hair, secure with an elastic, and skip to step 4!


3.) Continue to braid down until you run out of hair and secure with another elastic.


4.) Starting from the bottom, roll the braid up and secure with bobby pins.


and that’s it! Here are the final pictures!


I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle! Don’t forget to leave a comment down below and subscribe to this blog! Also if you have any hairstyle requests, please leave them here!

see ya!

Sabrina c:

8 thoughts on “~French Braid Updo~ | Short hairstyles

  1. Wow, cool hairstyle! Will definitely try it out, looks so easy! Actually similar to something I wear when I go dancing…

    And also, just gotta say, the pics are amazing!!!! Honestly, you’re like a model!!! so pretty!!!! ❤ 😀

  2. This is a prom worthy hairstyle! I must keep this in mind. I just have to figure out how to French Braid from the top of my head rather than the side.

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