DIY Double Twist Half-up | College Hairstyle

Hello everybody!

Welcome back to the fourth post of my college hairstyle series! The hairstyle I’m going to show you today is super simple and cute, and takes hardly any time at all. All you need is two hairbands!

Difficulty level: easy

Time needed: 5 minutes

Items needed: 2 hairbands

1.) Part your hair to your liking. I did a side part.

2.) Grab a 1 inch section from each side of your face. Tie them together with a hairband, making sure to tie them slightly to the left or right. (see photo for reference.)

3.) Grab the ponytail part of the half-up, and flip it up and over the band. This should cause the two strand to twist.

4.) repeat steps 2-3, except this time around you’ll tie the second half-up just below the first.

…and that’s it! This hairstyle is great for a lot of hair lengths, which is one of the reasons I like it so much.

I hope you liked this post, and make sure to leave us your requests here. 😉

Catch you later!


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