Knotted Pigtail Bun | College Hairstyle

Hello everyone!

December has finally come, which means school is almost out for Christmas break! The hairstyle I’m showing you all today is the fifth entry to my college hairstyle series. It’s a unique messy-bun that will look good for Christmas parties or for relaxing winter days.

Difficulty level: intermediate

Time needed: 10 minutes

Items needed: 3 hairbands, 10 bobby-pins

1.) For the top of your head, you may part your hair to your liking. From the crown to the nape of your neck, make a middle part. (It doesn’t need to be perfect.)

2.) Using two hairbands, tie each section into two lifted pigtails.

3.) Cross the two pigtails over each other, forming an ‘x.’ This will naturally make a sort of hole between the two bands. Grab the lower pigtail, and loop it through the hole between the two bands. This will make the first knot. Then, pull on both pigtails to tighten the knot. important note: for steps 3 & 4, think of how you begin to tie your shoe. First, you cross the laces, and make a simple knot. It’s the same thing here, except with your hair. 😉

4.) Both of your pigtails should still be pointing downwards at this point. Loop them upwards (not crossing them,) and make another simple knot, just like the one you made in step #3. Essentially, you’re stacking two simple knots on top of each other.

5.) Now the ends of your pigtails should be pointing upwards. Bring them around and down, tying them together underneath the first knot. This will make the hairstyle stay in place. Make sure to pin this little ponytail out of sight! 😉  (see photo for reference.)

6.) Bobby pins the entire bun in place.

…and there you have it! The knotted pigtail bun. It may seem hard to do, but honestly it is similar to tying your shoe (minus the bunny ears and all that!) 😉

Let me know what you think of this hairstyle in the comments, and leave suggestions for us here. 🙂 I hope you all have an amazing December!

Catch you later!


7 thoughts on “Knotted Pigtail Bun | College Hairstyle

  1. Such a great idea Sophia! I can stand wearing actual pigtails on myself, but this is a really good way to use them! Thanks for the post, and as always, the photography is amazing! 🙂 😉

  2. I could never pull off this hairstyle myself but it looks lovely in your hair, especially against those flowers. ^^

      1. Awesome! I’m so happy that it worked for you and that you like it. 🙂 It’ll definitely get easier as your hair grows, but hey, a messy bun is always cute too!

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