Hey everyone, Happy New Years Eve!! Just popping in quickly to say we just hit 20,000 views!!  It’s crazy to say this considering that at the end of the last year, we were trying to reach 5,000 views (which we did 😉 ) 😀

In the mean time I’ll share our top 10 most popular tutorials for this year!

#1 Sophia’s ‘Moana No-heat Curls.’ Wow this post is popular, it’s already the highest viewed tutorial we have, reaching 580 views since it was posted in January!

#2 Meghan Markle Messy Bun. Posted in May this hairstyle is the second most popular tutorial for this year!

#3 Zendaya Low-Ponytail. Also posted in May, this was Sophia’s first post to included a full DIY video tutorial. 😉

#4 Messy Dutch Ponytail. Yet another of Sophia’s tutorials, she did an amazing job coming up with awesome tutorials for everyone this year, don’t you think? 😉

#5 1940’s inspired updo. Posted in April, this is our first historical hairstyle tutorial.

#6 Double Dutch Braided Updo. Posted by me in January, this is just a fun updo for all you girls out there who love to dutch braid! 😉

#7 Dutch Braided Side Messy Bun {For SHORT hair!}

#8 Bubble Braid | Sports Hairstyle. Posted in August, this was just fun/unique sport type hairstyle I came up with.

#9 Super Easy Formal Ponytail.

#10 Sophia’s go-to Formal Hairstyle.

I hope you’ve all had an amazing year, and have enjoyed all our tutorials. Comment down below your favourite tutorial of 2018. 😉

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