Easy DIY Prom Half-up | Formal Hairstyles

Hi everyone! I received a couple of hairstyles requests recently for some DIY prom/formal hairstyles. So today I’m going to show you this super simple half-up, perfect for any skill level!

We don’t have ‘Prom’ in Australia, but this of course would be great for any formal occasion such as a school formal ect. 😉

I tried to keep this hairstyle pretty simple and easy so that those of you who may not be as confident at hairstyling would be able to re-create this hairstyle for yourself without too much difficulty.

Items needed: a curling wand, bobby pins, small rubber hair ties

Time: 10-14 minutes (minus curling time.)

Skill level: Easy

Step-by-step instructions:

1.) To start this hairstyle you’ll wanted to have freshly wash hair (preferably washed the day/night before your event.) I then added a small amount of dry shampoo to my roots for some texture and volume. This is the one a use:

2.) Then I  curled my hair using my NUME 19mm wand (which is part of my interchangeable wand set.) I used the 19mm barrel size mainly to cut down on curling time with my long hair (because you can curl larger sections, which of course, cuts down on curling time) however, if your hair is shorter or you’re going for a looser look you may want to use a 25mm or 32mm barrel instead.

If you’d like to see an updated wand curl tutorial, comment down below to let me know, and also if there is a particular wand size or barrel type you want me to use in it.

3.) Once you’re done curling, you’ll want to gently run your fingers down through your curls to loosen them up a bit, this is what mine looked like after messing around with them a bit:

4.) Now gather a circular sized section at the crown of your head and secure with an elastic at the back of your head. Then gently pull on bits of the hair in the section to create some volume and texture.

5.) Pick up a small section of hair near the part line (leaving at least a small amount of hair just in front of it to frame the face.) And divide into two even sections for a rope twist. Once you’ve twisted at least half way down your hair, stop, and pin along the tied back section until you get to the back of your head. (You’ll probably only need 2-3 pins for this.) Repeat on the opposite side of your head.

6.) When you have both twists pinned in place, press one hand down on the twist where it meets the elastic, and with the other, gently go up the twist tugging on the edges to create a fuller appearance.

7.) Now grab another small hair-tie and tie the two twists, and the ponytail you already tied back, all together.

8.) All you need to do now is turn the ponytail into a bun. There’s no specific technique you need to follow here, really it’s up to you on how you do your bun. I did a sort of twist/knot and then pinned it in place with bobby pins.

9.) Add hairspray if desired. You can also add in some small flowers such as baby’s breath for a nice finishing touch, or a pretty hair accessory of your choice. And you’re done!

I hope you like this simple prom hairstyle. I promise it looks even better in real life, I was just having some difficulties with taking these pictures, so I hope you’ll give this one a go and let me know what you think of this! 😀 😉

Also, I’ll will  be doing another prom/formal hairstyle for my next post, so if you’d like a slightly more challenging hairstyle, let me know down in the comments, along with your favourite braid.

7 thoughts on “Easy DIY Prom Half-up | Formal Hairstyles

  1. How gorgeous!! I’d love to see another prom hairstyle, maybe something featuring Dutch braids because those are what I’m best at. I don’t have a curling iron/wand so maybe a hairstyle without those curls? I can’t wait to see the next hairstyle, I have a prom coming up on the last week of April 🙂

    1. I’m so glad you like it! Awesome, I’ll see what I can come up with! I love dutch braids so this should be fun! 😉 Ok sure, I can do it without curls, or if you don’t have a wand but still want some curls you could test out our no-heat curl tutorials to see if any of them work for you:
      Or if you have a flat iron you could try these ones: https://setongirlshairstyles.com/2019/01/30/kate-middleton-blowout-flat-iron-curls/

      That’s so awesome! I should have my next post up on the 24th, let me know if you need it sooner! (:

  2. Ooh I really loved this! Thanks for sharing! My formal is May 9th & I may be using this hairstyle😊 An updated wand tutorial would be awesome! I love how your curls turned out. What is your natural hair like?

    1. Aw, thank you! I’m glad you did! You are so welcome! (:
      Really? that’s so cool! (:
      Great, well I’d love to make an updated wand curl tutorial! Is there any wand size or barrel that you’d like me to use for it? Thank you!
      My natural hair is fairly straight now, though I used to have very curly hair when I was younger so I do still have a bit of texture left over from when I had a lot of curl. It’s definitely not pin straight or anything like that though. 😉 Actually, here is a post I have with my hair natural, it probably looks a little straighter in the pics than it is a real life, but otherwise that’s pretty much what my hair is like:

      1. Oh it would be a great help if it was between a 1 and 2.5 inch wand barrel. You have beautiful hair! I love you ladies, blog! I’ll have to let y’all know when I try a hairstyle.:)

        1. Sure, I have a 25mm & a 32mm size so I could do probably both. (:
          Aww, thank you so much! ❤ Sure thing! We'd love to know how any of the hairstyles turn out for you! (:

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