Mulan Messy Bun

That’s right, a Mulan-inspired messy bun for all you long-haired people! I came up with this hairstyle because my hair is so long and pesky sometimes, especially in the summer. I needed to get it off my neck rather loosely, because I have a sensitive scalp.

I based it off of Mulan’s two bun hairstyles from the classic animated movie (my personal favorite):

Items needed: One hair tie or scrunchie

Time: 1-2 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1.) Start by pulling your hair back as if you were tying a medium/high ponytail, and then hold the base of your ponytail and the hair tie or scrunchie like so:

2.) Pull the ponytail through the hair tie. Don’t pull all the way! This hairstyle is easier to learn by pictures, so from now on, pay close attention to those. 3.) About halfway or two-thirds to the end of the ponytail, twist the hair tie and use your hand to grab the loop you made.

4.) Now that you’ve grabbed the base of the loop, pull the loop through the hair tie so that the loop is divided in half, making a mini loop. This part will only work if your hair is long enough.
It should look like this, with a tail sticking out somewhere near the side or bottom.

5.) Now, grab the tail, and wrap it upwards around the base of the bun, as shown below. Keep wrapping…

6.) Tuck the tail in the hair tie, which should be easy to get to. You can tuck it anywhere, depending on the length of your hair, or you can hide the ends inside the loop.

And that’s it! You can come up with variations if you want. Thank you to my sister for taking great photos. 🙂 Another thing is that if you have more time on your hands, and if your scalp can endure more tightness (unlike mine), you can start with a ponytail instead of loose hair. It’s tighter that way, but I personally think it works much better if you start with loose hair. With loose hair, you can pull it out easier too.

Here is a low messy bun I did with a scrunchie:

One thing I really like to do is to wear this bun for a few hours when my hair is damp, and when I take it out, it creates the prettiest soft waves. It’s one of my favorite things about it, and you should totally try it if your hair is naturally stick-straight like mine!

That’s all for this little post! Keep an eye out for more Disney-themed hairstyles from me in the near future… 😉


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