Dutch Braid Headband | Short Hairstyles

Today I have a short hairstyle for you… literally, “short” as in “brief”… haha, no? It’s almost back to school, I know. That was awful, I’m sorry. I still meant for it to be a hairstyle for people with short hair, but it’s really for anyone. This is a seriously cute ‘do for all seasons, depending on how you tie it. Let’s get started!



Difficulty: Easy

Time: 5 minutes

Items needed: Fine-tooth comb, clear elastic, 5-6 bobby pins, hairspray


Step-by-Step Instructions:

1.) Start with a side part. Then, part your hair behind your ears across your head, like so. Tie the rest of the hair back securely. (Also, if there are bangs, as in my case, make sure to separate those as well.)

2.) Take a piece of hair from the “lighter” side, as shown below, and start a dutch braid upwards across the head, as the name “headband” implies.

It should look something like this. You might have to lean a little to get the braid at the correct angle.

3.) Keep braiding across the head, and your braid should look like this when you’re finished…

4.) Pancake the braid for some volume, and spritz some hairspray to calm the fly-aways down.

5.) You can tie it back into a ponytail for a breezy look, or bobby pin the end of the braid securely onto your head among your locks of hair.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the last few days of summer! Thanks also to my sisters for helping!


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