3 Ways to Style a Scrunchie

Today I’m going to be showing you three ways your can wear a scrunchie in your hair! Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to do a part two for this post, with other ways that you can wear scrunchies.

Even though I have my sister modelling these hairstyles for me today, they’re all DIY. 😉

Items needed: a couple of hair elastics, scrunchies, and a few bobby pins

Difficulty: Easy-Medium

Time: 3-8 minutes (depending on the style)

Hairstyle No. 1: Knotted Pigtail Bun with a Scrunchie

1.) To start off with, do a bun in your hair, it can be any kind of bun, though I did Sophia’s knotted pigtail bun..

2.) Next pick out any scrunchie that will go with what you’re wearing. I chose this one:

3.) Put the scrunchie over your bun, and you’re done!

Hairstyle No 2: Simple Messy Half-up with a Scrunchie

1.) Start by pulling some hair straight back and tie with an elastic at the back of your head..

2.) Now pick up a small section of hair from the front of your head and do a basic dutch braid until you reach the tied back section at the back of your head. Secure with an elastic. 3.) Repeat on the other side of your head, combining the braids into the tied back section you started with..

4.) Again, pick out any scrunchie which will go with what you’re wearing. I choose this chambray one..

5.) Lastly, tie the scrunchie over your tied back braids, and you’re done!

Hairstyle No. 3: Ponytail Accents with a Scrunchie

1.) Basically, this is just a ponytail, but to make it a little more interesting (besides adding in a scrunchie,) I threw in some added detail following Sophia’s post here.

2.) Then I added this scrunchie:

3.) And you’re done!

That’s all I have for today! Let me know which style you liked the most!

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8 thoughts on “3 Ways to Style a Scrunchie

  1. Ooooh, these are so nice! Could you do a Part 2 please? Maybe you can do a post about what kind of scrunchies you use and what benefits they have?

  2. Oh my goodness I absolutely love these! I’ve been really enjoying wearing scrunchies recently, they’re so cute.

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