30,000 Views + Big Announcement!!!

Yes that’s right, we’ve hit 30,000 views!! So I’ve decided to finally share with you my ‘secret project’ which I announced a little while ago.

So, without further ado, my big announcement is………..

See the source image





I’m launching my own scrunchie shop!!! My shop will be launched through etsy, and all the scrunchies I sell I have made myself.


Limited stock is available so stay tuned (and make sure you’re subscribed! 😉 ) so you can shop my scrunchies as soon as I launch the shop!

Product Info:

I have a small range of scrunchies, some are velvet, and I also have some printed scrunchies, a chambray scrunchie, and a cute white scrunchie.

More details coming soon!

For any questions, please comment them down below!

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