Easy Flower Bun

I used to avoid buns. I could never get my hair into one place and make it stay there, no matter how many bobby pins I used! Then I found out about…flower buns! (Plus, I was making my debut and need to figure out how I wanted my hair.) Also called rose buns, I discovered that I could actually get them to stay in place!


An anonymous visitor commented on our Hairstyle Requests page asking for headband styles – this is definitely one where a headband complements the hair. Mia Tinuviel also commented that she was interested in rose buns. Me too! Thank you guys for commenting, and I hope you like this post. This goes out to all those who struggle with buns – don’t lose hope (as I was beginning to, ha ha). I’m a lot better at buns after looking at Sophia’s helpful post: College Messy Bun. 😉 


Anyway, without further ado, here’s the video tutorial! I hope you like it – please let me know what you think in the comments below. (Make sure to click on HD in the video for the best quality. 😉 )

Items needed: bobby pins, small rubber hair tie (optional), accessories as desired

Time: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy to medium – if twists are your strength, than you’ll probably find this is an easy style

Here’s a rough step-by-step.

  1. Separate out two sections of hair, one from either side of your head. Like Goldilocks, an in-between thickness is best – too thin, the bun will be too little, too thick and the bun could be hard to do (in shorter hair) or look out of proportion.
  2. Begin a rope twist – twist the strands to the right then wrap them over each other right over left (or vice versa). Continue to the end. You may need to smooth out the hair underneath as you go so it doesn’t get caught in the twist.
  3. Wrap the twist around its start, tucking the end underneath. This is the ‘flower’. Adjust the way the hair is sitting, and gently pancake the edges of the half-up bun.
  4. Insert bobby pins, wiggling them gently so they catch hair all the way along. Feel for any loose ‘petals’ or strands and secure them. You shouldn’t need too many bobby pins (about 4 to 7) as this is only a half-up.

TipsFor those with shorter hair, taking the beginning sections an inch or two back from the forehead means the strands don’t have to reach all the way round your head. This is what I’m doing with my hair length, as per the picture below on the left. Plus, it leaves some lovely face-framing strands. You can also take the hair from the front of the face, as in the right-hand image.

For beginners, tying off your hair at the end of Step 1 can help – the small rubber band keeps the hair in place while you do the rope twist. You can also tie off the twist at the end before you wrap it round into the bun.

Spring, spring, spring! Being a down-under girl, the bottle brushes are blossoming and the weather is so lovely.



Before I finish, I just want to share with you the hairstyle photos for my deb ball. Clare ended up doing it – didn’t she do a beautiful job?! For those who prefer this take on the hairstyle, the trick is to use larger segments of hair, and to pancake the twist before you wrap it round into the flower. 😉

Ok, I’ll finish up this long post now! A big thank you to my mum for taking the photos for me, to Clare for editing the video, and my three year old brother for pressing the button to start recording. Happy Wednesday everyone – hope you have a lovely rest-of-the week. 🙂

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