Anna’s Half-Up | Frozen 2 Hairstyle

Today I’m sharing with you my Anna-inspired hairstyle from Frozen 2! Anna’s main hairstyle in this movie is a very simple braided half-up, with a seamless braid from one side of her head to the other. Since that’s not really possible in real life I’ll be showing you how to re-create this look on a more practical level, which would be perfect for everyday wear. 😉

Items needed: 3 small hair ties, and several bobby pins.

Time: 5-10 minutes

Difficulty: Easy-medium

Step-by-step instructions:

1.) Begin with your hair down and the hair pulled straight back without a part..

2.) Next loosely gather the  top section of  hair to the back of your  head, making sure to leave some hair down on either side of the head to begin the braids with, and tie off the section with a small rubber hair tie.

3.) Now pick up a medium sized section of hair and begin the first steps of french braid adding in hair for just two or three stitches. Then braided the rest of the hair normally, without adding in more hair. Make sure to pancake the braid as you go along to create a more puffed out and fuller look.

4.) When braiding the hair remember to braid in the direction you want the hair to fall so that when you’re done so that it will lay flat against the head.

5.) Repeat steps 3-4 on the other side of your head.. Next, poke your fingers through a section in one of the braids and pass the other braid through the hole, as if you were weaving in the braid (this will create the more seamless look.)

6.) Depending on how long your hair is, you may need to do step 5 one or two more times to hide the ends of the braids..7.) Once your have the ends all tucked in, secure and adjust the braid to your liking with bobby pins, and you’re done!

I know this is not exactly the same as Anna’s hairstyle in Frozen 2, but I think it’s a more wearable and realistic spin on this hairstyle. (; Let me know if you have any movie/other hairstyle requests down in the comments!

Thanks to my sister for modelling for me. 😉 I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial, I’d love to know what you think of it in the comments! Also, have you seen Frozen 2 yet, if so what did you think of it??

13 thoughts on “Anna’s Half-Up | Frozen 2 Hairstyle

  1. Oh goodness, this hairstyle actually looks like that one which two people requested for in the requests that I’ve been waiting to see if anyone could try it! 😀
    Really pretty, and yeah Frozen II was pretty awesome XD

      1. If you go to the hairstyle requests, fairly close to the top, I think Paulina and then Victoria requested it. It’s pretty similar, that’s what it reminded me of anyway 😛

        Again, lovely hairstyle 😀

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