3 Simple Ways to Wear Hair Clips | Holiday Hairstyles

Hey everyone! I hope you had an amazing Christmas! Today I have a super simple post for you, showing a few ways to style hair clips.

BeFunky Collage

Hairstyle No: 1 Criss-crossed hair clips

1.) To start off with, I just did a simple updo. But any sort of low ponytail/braid ect. will work.

2.) Next, I just criss-crossed these diamond looking bobby pin clips over each other.

3.) And you’re done!

Hairstyle No: 2

For this hairstyle I just used the same bun, and slid this cute acrylic into the hair right above the bun.

Hairstyle No: 3

Again, using the same bun,  I just slid in these two cute flower clips into the hair side by side, above the ear.

I hope you enjoyed this short post, and that it gave you some more ideas on how to style some hair clips. For any hair requests, questions, or comments, please leave them down below! Also, let me know which style you liked the most! And I hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas season!

~Clare 🙂

2 thoughts on “3 Simple Ways to Wear Hair Clips | Holiday Hairstyles

  1. Those last hair clips tho, sooo pretty! I really want to get some now XD Awesome post, great inspiration for the hair clips! 🙂

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