Dutch Rope Braid Half-up

Hey everyone!

Today I’m going to show you how to create this fun rope-twisted half-up. This hairstyle is great because you can do it on most lengths of hair, and is also DIY friendly! For long hair, it also looks really nice if you finish it off in a ponytail at the base of your neck. 😉

A huge thanks to my friend Bernadette for modelling today’s hairstyle!

Let me know down in the comments if you like these kind of tutorials, along with any hair-related post requests. 😉


Items needed: 1 small rubber hair tie, (Optional: bobby pins)

Time: 3-5 minutes

Difficulty: Medium


Step-by-step instructions:

1.) Start by sectioning off the top half of your hair..

2.) Next, evenly split your section into two and cross over each other to start your rope twist..

3.) To rope braid, take the two sections and twist the right section towards the left side of your head and then twist under the left (basically, twist one section in one direction and then cross that section over in the opposite direction.) See a similar concept in Sophia’s tutorial (minus adding the hair in).

Repeat for one or two stitches down, then stop and add hair from both sides of your head into the sections you’re twisting. (hair from your left side into your left sections, hair from your right into your right section.) Then continue with your rope twist, adding in more hair from both sides each time before you twist again.

4.) Once you’ve reached about ear height (or your desired height for your half-up) stop adding in hair and twist down a few more times..

5.) Then, while holding the twist in one hand, and go back with your free hand and gently tug on the edges of the twist to accentuate the twist..

6.) Secure the twist with an elastic right below where you stopped adding in hair. (Optional: wrap some hair around the hair tie to cover it, or add a small hair accessory as desired.)

And you’re done! Here are some more pictures of the final look:

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know if you have any questions or comments down below and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

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~Clare ❤

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5 thoughts on “Dutch Rope Braid Half-up

  1. Ooo such a lovely hairstyle! Definitely gonna give this a go! I’ll be one of those long haired people who tie it up in a ponytail at the end probably 😉 XD
    Also amazing photography! ❤

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