May New Arrivals | Unico Scrunchies

This month at Unico Scrunchies I have launched three new products. I only have limited stock, so make sure to get your order in before they sell out!


#1: Lemon Printed Cotton Face Mask

If you have to wear a mask, why not wear a cute printed one?Cotton Face Mask Australian Made image 0

#2: Navy Printed Scrunchie Scarf

Why not have the best of both hair accessories, with this combined scrunchie/hair scarf!

Navy Patterned Scrunchie Scarf Hair Tie Hair Scarf Hair image 0

#3: Limited Edition Gift Pack!

Anndd last, but not least, I have this fun crafty gift pack, which comes with the choice of either a pink or grey velvet scrunchie!

Limited Edition Snail Mail Gift Pack DIY Card Making Kit image 0


Also, as a special thanks to my loyal subscribers here on SGH, I have a special discount for you: Enjoy!

Until my next post, stay safe, and have an awesome week!

~Clare (:

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