Super Easy Side Bubble Braid | Aladdin Hairstyles

Hey everyone!

Today I have a super easy hairstyle, which requires absolutely no braiding skills!  This hairstyle is perfect for beginners, and also great if you have curly hair which is hard to braid normally.

If you have really fine, straight hair, I would recommend adding some curls before you braid to give the hairstyles some texture and volume. We have some great no-heat and wand curl tutorials which you can check out here.

Also, is it just me, or is this braid giving you Jasmine vibes from Aladdin, too? 😀


Items needed: a few rubber hair elastics, and a topsy tail tool

Skill Level: Easy

Time: 3-5 minutes


Step-by-step instructions:

1.) Begin with your hair down and parted deeply to one side.

2.) Next, gather all your hair over your shoulder (on the heavy side of your part), and secure at the base of your next with a rubber elastic.

3.) Now using the topsy-tail trick (see this post for detailed explanation) wrap some hair from your ponytail around the elastic.

4.) Then going down the ponytail about an inch or so, secure with another elastic.

5.) Repeat the same hair wrapping technique from step 3, and make sure to gently tug on the section to fluff it out a bit and create that bubble look.

6.) Keep repeating step 4 until you reach the ends of your hair..

Annd you’re done! It’s really that simple! (:

Big thanks to my little sister for modelling this hairstyle for me today! 😉 Let me know in the comments if you’d try this hairstyle, along with any other hair-related post requests!

Until next time, happy hairstyling! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Super Easy Side Bubble Braid | Aladdin Hairstyles

  1. Awww this is so cute! Haha yes! Total Jasmine vibes! I’m totally going to try this hairstyle, I love the bouncy and fun boho look it has! I love how easy and simple it is, yet so pretty! So adorable, and great post! ; D – Hailey 💕

  2. I love that hairstyle! I tried it this morning and it came out pretty good, although my hair is too short for me to make more than three bubble sections. Thanks for sharing!
    -Rose E

    1. It makes me so happy to hear when people try out my tutorials! Awesome, and don’t worry if you can’t do the same amount of bubble sections that I did in the tutorial because it all just depends on you hair and it’s length. 😉
      Thanks for commenting! ❤

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