Workout Bun (No Bobby Pins!) | Gym + Sports Hairstyles

Hey everyone! How has your week been?

Today I’m showing you a bun which is great for people who have long, thick hair and have trouble getting it to stay in up while working out/playing sport. Since my hair is pretty short at the moment (just got it cut again today.) I’m going to show you how to do this style on my sister who has long/thick hair. This is totally DIY though. 😉

I used to have super long hair and played competition basketball. My hair often got in the way when I had tied back in a ponytail, but I could never find a bun which would keep my hair in place while playing without stuffing my hair full of bobby pins. Unfortunately, I never came up with a solution so I just put up with having my hair in a ponytail.

But I’m now here today to show you a great bun which I’ve found that works without bobby pins, and stays up great while exercising!


Items needed: 1-2 normal hair ties

Time: 2-5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy-medium

Step-by-step instructions:

1.) Start off with your hair down…

2.) Next, start to tie your hair up like you would a normal ponytail. After you’ve taken the hair tie around one-two loops stop…

3.) Now split your hair into two sections..

4.) Fold the top section into a small bump, and do the same with the bottom one..

6.) Pull your hair tie over both bumps, and secure in place.

7.) Split the ends that are still poking out in half, and wrap around the base of your bun, making sure to poke the ends into your hair tie. Try to poke as much of your ends possible into your existing hair tie.

My sister’s hair is pretty thick so once I had tucked as much of the ends into her first hair tie that I could, I secured another hair tie over the top and she was all good to go!

Anndd, that’s it! This hairstyle doesn’t need to look perfect so don’t worry if it’s a little messy, your main aim is to keep your bun in place while exercising. 😉

I even had my sister test out the durability of this style bun running around for a bit a then doing some jumping jacks. 😀

This is what her hair looked like afterwards:

It held up pretty well, and hardly sagged at all!

I hope this tutorial helps you out, let me know if you try/are going to try it down in the comments. Also, let me know if you have any hair-related post request down below. You can take my poll here too:


5 thoughts on “Workout Bun (No Bobby Pins!) | Gym + Sports Hairstyles

  1. I have really thick hair so I had to tie a hairtie to form a ponytail then grab another to do the bun still worked perfectly! 😍

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