*3 Years of Seton Girls Hairstyles*

Exactly three years ago today, I hit publish on our very first post here at Seton Girls’ Hairstyles!

I did this on my 1 year of SGH post, so I thought it might be cool compare then versus now. As of today: 213 followers, 41,037 views, 1,526 comments, 12,730 visitors, and 186 posts….. I know compared to some blogs that have been going as long as SGH that this is nothing, but I’m still pretty impressed with what’s been accomplished in 3 years. 😉 🙂

It would take up way too much space in this post if I included a picture of every hairstyle tutorial we’ve done on here, but I managed to fit almost 2 years worth of pics. 😀

Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around for the past 3 years, as well as our new subscribers! Feel free to follow us on Instagram here where I usually post daily hair inspo, from past and present tutorials as well as other fun stuff. 😉

Also, comment below how long you’ve been following SGH for, I’d love to know! 🙂

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