Unico Scrunchies New Arrivals!! + Shipping Re-opened to the U.S. & Canada!

Big Announcement!!

I have now re-opened my shop to the U.S. and Canada!!


I’ve had my biggest product drop at Unico Scrunchies these last few weeks with over 20 new items!! including more 3 layer face masks! I only have limited stock, so make sure to get your order in before they sell out!


#1: New Australian print 3 layer face masks

#2: In the last few weeks I’ve dropped 8 different new printed scrunchies!

#3: I’ve dropped 2 new velvet scrunchies:

#4: Two new Satin scrunchies:

#5: Two Australian Print Scrunchies:

#6: And my first ever kid’s scrunchie set with the cutest pooh bear print!

#7: Last but not least, I launched my first ever zipper makeup pouches/bags! Here are the 2 designs:


For my Australian followers, you can receive 15% off when you purchase 3 or more scrunchies from my store. Shop at www.unicoscrunchies.etsy.com

I hope you’ll check out my shop and remember you can now order again if you live in the United States or Canada!

Comment below your favourite item!

~Clare (:

3 thoughts on “Unico Scrunchies New Arrivals!! + Shipping Re-opened to the U.S. & Canada!

  1. THESE ARE SO CUTTEEE. I just remembered that I was supposed to order scrunchies last year but somehow I never got to it lmao, but seriously though, these are so pretty. You have great taste :))

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