4 Years of Seton Girls Hairstyles + New Content Ideas

Welcome back to Seton Girls’ Hairstyles! This week marks 4 years since Seton Girls’ Hairstyles first began! It’s taken quite a few twists and turns since the beginning, from having up to 5 regular posters and a new hairstyle every week (for close to 3 years straight!) during our final high school years. To now with each poster graduated and off pursuing all sorts of different things in many directions.

It’s been quite some time since the last post on here, and now I’m hoping to begin posting again, but not only just hairstyle tutorials, but other fun lifestyle things, such as cool DIY crafts, and art, as well as my photography and much more.

I will still keep the blog title the same for now, but will just be adding a mix of other fun content to change things up a bit. Let me know what your thoughts are about this in the comments as I’d really love to hear your feedback!

8 thoughts on “4 Years of Seton Girls Hairstyles + New Content Ideas

  1. I love reading all the hairstyle posts, but seeing new and different posts would be great too. I’ve used your tutorials to learn how to Dutch and French braid as well as Fishtail braid!

  2. I’m so glad you will continue updating this website! Sounds like all you have in mind are right up my alley.

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