Tired of searching for diy hairstyles, hair tips and advice?? Your search ends here, where we include all of these things and more!


Why, hello there!! I see you’ve found your way to our About Page.  So how did this idea come about?  Well, you see, two Seton homeschooled, highschool girls (who live over 9,437 miles apart) were obsessed with hairstyling, but they needed an outlet to share their ideas.

After months of preparation, they finally released their website in June 2017, complete with hairstyles, tutorials, and lots of inspiring photos to get those braiding fingers moving!

Since then, several other girls have joined the SGH team sharing their hair inspiration, tips and hair care advice.

To find all of their tutorials visit the Gallery and click on an image to head to that post. 😉

If you like what you see, stick around; maybe even share some of your own creative hairstyle ideas…Thanks for reading! And let us know if you have any feedback!

God bless,

~Clare & Emma (& the rest of the SGH team)

~ Be inspired. Be confident. Be you