‘Princess’ Half-Up ‘Do

Hello again! I got very excited one day when my siblings came home talking about the picturesque grapevines in the school garden. So I dragged my sister out (on her birthday, in her Cinderella costume) to try and get some nice photos! In the end the grapes didn’t show up so well, but the hairstyle went alright. 😀 A big thank you to her for being so patient! I hope you all enjoy this week’s hairstyle – a  lace braid fit for a princess.

Items needed: comb or brush, 1 hair tie

Difficulty: easy-medium

Time: 5-10 mins

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Part hair as desired (I used a middle part) and take a small section of hair above the forehead, next to the part. Split into three segments.
  2. Now you start your lace braid – this is the same as a simple French braid, except that instead of taking up new hair from both sides, you only pick up new hair from the top section..
  3.  Starting on the left side of the head, place the left-most strand over the middle strand, (making it the new middle strand), and put the right-most strand over the new middle strand.
  4. Put the left-most strand over the new middle strand, and, gathering up some extra hair from the middle (or top) of the head, place the right-most strand over the new middle strand. Repeat until you get to the back of the head..and there’s your lace braid!
  5. Once you stop adding in hair, finish off with a simple three strand braid..
  6. Tie off the end of your lace braid (or clip it for now) so that it doesn’t unravel, and repeat steps 1-6 on the right side.
  7.  Secure the two braids together at the back of the head and then remove the hair ties from the ends of the braids.
  8. Pancake the bottom edge of the braid as desired. And voila!


Tip: Be careful when you’re getting hair from the middle of the head – try to pick and place the hair so that it ‘looks nice’. And try to kind of ‘steer’ the braid, (again, being careful as you pick up new hair) so that it ends up where you want it too. 😉

This is also a DIY style (though I wrote the instructions as if I was doing it on someone else). It’s not the easiest, but with a bit of practice, I’m sure it won’t be too hard. 😉 I’m sorry that there aren’t any videos or pictures today – in the end there just wasn’t time for them (too much procrastinating)! 😉 Please let me know what you thought of this tutorial by commenting down below. 🙂 And for a bit of fun, here are some more photos…



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3 Super Simple DIY Styles

This week’s post isn’t really fancy – these hairstyles are for those days when you just don’t have the time! 🙂 Each of them is a simple way to accent your hair in under a minute, and they’ll work on nearly any length of hair. I hope you enjoy these DIY ideas! (To enlarge smaller images, just click on them 😉 )

#1: Twist back + accessory




For this pretty look, just take a section of hair, twist it, and clip it back with an accessory of your choice.

#2: Mini rope twist



Take a section of hair and split it in two. Twisting the two sections to the left, (as in the #1 style, Twist back + accessory) place the left piece over the right one. Take the new left strand in your left hand, and the new right strand in your right, and repeat.

(Sorry that there aren’t any step-by-step photos with this. If you’d like to see a video, try having a look at Sophia’s post, DIY Overnight Curls/Waves. The method of a rope twist is nearly the same as a lace rope twist, just don’t gather up hair as you go.)

#3: Faux fringe




For those of you who (like me :D) aren’t game to get a real fringe, a faux fringe is a fun way to get a different look, without actually cutting any hair. Just take a section of hair at the front of the head, smooth it out to one side, and clip it back. To hide the clip, make sure you clip it underneath the hair falling on your shoulders.

And that’s this week’s post – three super simple DIY styles. Let me know in the comments what you thought of this post; hope you all have a great Easter! 🙂