DIY Quick Pull-Back

By Emily

So, today, I have a super quick, super simple hairdo that I think y’all might enjoy.  So, this is one of the few hairdos that I like to do on just about any day.

You know those moments when you’re just getting ready to go out, and your hair “looks like a mess?”  If you do, then you’ll understand why I love this easy hairdo.  And if you don’t, well, you’re very lucky.  😉

Anyway, I have trouble with getting my hair to look pretty just about any day.  And, because it’s fairly short, most hairdos are kind of difficult.   So, I came to use this one which I just call  my “Quick Pull-Back Hairdo”.  And, here’s how to do it:

1. To start off: split a small section of hair from the front.

2.  Then, next, split that section into three parts.  Like so:

3. Next, begin to dutch-braid the hair.  (for those of you who don’t know how to dutch-braid, click here)  Do this only twice per section!  You are not going to be braiding all the hair!

4. When you get to the last braid: stop.  Your hair should look something like this by now:

5.  Without collecting anymore hair, begin to braid hair which you have in your hands.  Remember to braid whichever way you were doing. (in other words, if you were going over, braid over each strand; if you were going under, go under each strand.)  Like so:

6.  Tie it off with a hairband!   Optional: Then, afterwards, if you like messy hairdos (like I do), lightly tug on the braid–but, don’t pull it out!  

Overall, your hair should look something like this:

And there you have it!  My Quick Pull-Back DIY Hairdo!  Hope you all enjoy this hairstyle as much as I do!  Have a great rest of the day!




We just hit 1000+ views the other day, soo I thought I would do a bonus post, and add 3 choices for what my next tutorial will be on, simply pick which hairstyle you’d like (in the poll), and click “vote”. There is no limit to how many votes you have, so vote away! 😉


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EDIT: voting will be over by the 31st of July, so make sure to vote before then to get the hairstyle tutorial you want! 😉

Faux twisted updo

I made this up a little while ago, and my little sister will be modelling it 😉 . I personally think it’s fairly simple, and you should be able to master it in no time! I also originally posted the basic tutorial for it here.
If you like these step-by-step picture tutorial’s leave a comment below, if you think there should be more pics, or suggestions on how you like tutorials, also comment, and if you just want to say what you think of it, you can do that too 😉 😉 .

To see the steps, you will need to click on the first image, and then it will let you go through the steps while the pictures are also enlarged.

What you will need: a comb or brush,  a handful of bobby pins, 2 small rubber hair ties, and 1 normal hair tie.

Skill level: medium

Time: 5-10 minutes


I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to create a Faux twisted updo! Please let me know what you think, and feel free to ask any questions.

I also apologize for sending out the email for this post the other day, I went to schedule it, and typed in the wrong date, so sorry about that 😉

Also my aim is to get the blog up to 1000 views by the end of the month, we’re already sitting on the 900 mark, so please tell all you friends about it! 🙂

Diy fishtail braid (step-by-step)

Happy Monday everyone! Now I’m sorry, because I was intending on doing a much more spectacular post today. But for quite a few reasons I was extremely busy over the last week and didn’t have time to work on a better post.

EmilyKate asked if we could do a step-by-step fishtail tutorial, so just like this post, if you ask us to do a tutorial, we’ll try our best to do it for you! Hopefully this will help all of you that struggle doing a fishtail braid!

So I wanted to show you how to do a fishtail braid step-by-step. I really like how with a fishtail braid you make it look so different by just adding bigger/smaller sections into the braid. It is also very easy to do, in fact if you know how to do a normal 3 strand plait you can definitely do this one. All it really comes down to is practice!

I’m sorry this isn’t the best video, and if I had of had more time it would’ve been better. (Disclaimer, my hair had previously been straightened a day or two before, so it’s not what my hair normally looks like.) Hope it helps! In the video I used bigger pieces but it’s really up to what look you’re going for, and how much time you have. 😉

Items Needed: Brush,  1 hair band, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 3-5 minutes (depending on your hair length)

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by brushing the hair to remove any tangles…
  2. Separate the hair into two equal sections…
  3. Next take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the right section, and take it over the rest of that same section and combine it into the left section {in a reverse fishtail braid, you would go under the section of hair, and not over}…
  4. Now take a small sliver of hair from the outside edge of the left section, and take it over the rest of that section, and combine it into the right section {simply the opposite of Step #3}…
  5. Once it gets to hard to reach, bring the braid over your shoulder and continue the braid {only now it will seem like you’re doing a reverse fishtail because once you take the braid over your shoulder you need to bring the strands behind the braid instead of in front for your braid to work.}
  6. Continue Steps 3 & 4 over and over again until you run out of hair…
  7. When you get to the end of your braid, secure it with a hair elastic.

Here’s the 4 basic braids post, for those of you who are interested:

Please feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you think of this post. If you still need more help with this braid, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer your question!



#1 Q&A


Anonymous asked: I was wondering why don’t you use shampoo? What are the benefits?


The main reason I don’t use shampoo, is because as I mentioned in my routine I used to have very curly hair when I was younger. But now I just have a hair texture similar to curly hair, which can tend to be a little frizzy at times. So I started researching ways to get rid of frizz and I stumbled upon the book Curly GirlIt’s a great book full of natural ways to look after your hair ect. And in one part there was the recipe for the bicarb rinse, which I decided to try and it worked so well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been using since. And it cut down on the frizz quite a bit!

What are the benefits of not using shampoo? When using shampoo with harsh ingredients such as sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium laureth sulfate, or sodium laureth sulfate, (which are also found in liquid and laundry detergent) they cut the or oils in your hair so effectively that it strips all of the natural oils from your hair, the oils that are used to protect your hair and scalp. (Not that I was using any shampoo’s with those ingredients before I stopped.) Even with shampoo that doesn’t have those harmful ingredients, it still can dry out your hair making it frizzy and disturbing the hair follicle. But when using bicarb, it gets rid of build up from hair products, and excess oil, without stripping the essential from your hair, leaving your hair clean, but less dried out and frizzy.

Now this is basically the reasons why I stopped using shampoo, and I’m not saying it will work for everyone, but if you struggle with frizzy, and/or dry hair it may be worth a try. 😉

Here are the shampoo’s I will use if I’m not using bicarb:



I hope that answers the question and was helpful. If anyone would like to see more posts like this, feel free to ask below. And any questions are welcome, so please comment!

The 3 braid combo

I’m really sorry I didn’t post a hairstyle for the last post of the 6 in 6 days, I was really busy that day, and didn’t even realize until the next day that I hadn’t! Hopefully this makes up for it! 😉 From now on there will be a regular post each week (usually on a Monday.) Remember to subscribe for email notifications on new posts! Now lets get onto the hairstyle!

I saw a picture for this a while ago, but had never tried it before. I think it’s a really pretty, and unique hairstyle, and while it may be a difficult one to try on yourself, it’s great to do on other people! If you would like a diy tutorial on this hairstyle, please leave a comment below!


Items needed: Rat tail comb, brush, 2 small rubber elastics, 4-5 bobby pins.

  1.  Begin by parting the hair down the middle..
  2. then section off a crescent shaped bit of hair from the top of the part to above the ear, on either side of the head…
  3. tie back the remaining hair for the moment..
  4. Next lace braid from the part line on either side of the head until you run out of hair, finish off in a plait.
  5. Un-tie the remaining hair and french braid until you reach just above the nape of the neck…
  6. Finish off in a fishtail braid..
  7. Now go back and grab your two lace braids, tying them together with an elastic around where the rosette is in the picture…
  8. then pancake the braids a little to make them look fuller…
  9. and form a bun shaped rosette, pin it to hold it in place, and you’re done!

I’ll remind everyone once more, that this is going to be a request run site, so basically you make the request and we’ll try to do the hairstyle for you!

Got a question? Ask away!


The un-even braid

Here’s another hairstyle I published a while back here.

And yes I know, this isn’t a diy hairstyle, but don’t worry the majority of the hairstyles from now on will be! It’s also super, super easy to do on yourself, and if I had’ve had time I would’ve . 😉

Items Needed: Brush, comb, spray bottle, 2-3 small hair elastics.

Time Requirement: 2-3 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Begin by parting the hair in the middle…
  2. Grab a medium-sized section of hair starting at the part line …
  3. Begin a simple 3-strand plait, only make one of the strands a lot thinner than the other two, {as you braid, you’ll notice a different look to the braid, which is all good}…
  4. Continue braiding the hair, until you reach the ends……
  5.  Secure with an elastic …
  6. Now, go back and gently pull a little bit the on the of the larger strands to loosen up the braid…
  7. Next, go to the other side of the head and repeat steps 2-6…
  8. Secure both braids at the back of the head with a small elastic…
  9. And your done!