Pull-Through Faux Hawk

Hey hey hey everyone! Today I’ve got this super beautiful hairstyle—modeled, once again, by my beautiful sister! It’s a great hairstyle for both simple and fancy occasions, and for basically everyday, haha! I absolutely love the faux hawk look, and I found that the pull-through braid made a gorgeous version of that! Let’s get to it!

Difficulty level: medium

Time: 10-15 mins

Items needed: lots of elastics!—it really depends on how much hair you have. In all these pics, I had to use roughly 15 elastics, I believe—and her hair reaches about her mid-back.

Step 1) Brush hair  [you can hairspray it as well, if desired]

Step 2) now, gather a small section of hair from the top front of the head, and tie with an elastic to create a ponytail:

Step 3) now, gather a section of hair behind that ponytail and tie with an elastic to create that section of hair into a separate ponytail.

Step 4) Now you’re going to split that first ponytail in half:

Step 5) Grab the second ponytail and bring it through the two halves of the first ponytail:

Step 6) Pin the ponytail that has been brought through away(towards the face).

Step 7) now, using the two halves of that first ponytail, add some /more/ hair from that section and pull it into a ponytail, using an elastic(remember that you are gathering together all of the hair into one big braid!—it’s a lot like French braiding) Now you can unpin that other ponytail.

Step 8) split the ponytail that you just unpinned in half and repeat steps 5-7

Finishing touch: secure with an elastic, pancake the braid, and hairspray(if desired)!



And there you have it! The Pull-Through Faux Hawk! I hope y’all enjoyed doing this hairstyle as much as I did! Happy hairstyling!

<3always: Emily

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Super Easy Formal Ponytail

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last tutorial, but today I’m back here to show you how to create this super simple fancy ponytail! It can be dressed up or down as desired!

You know, now that I think about it, it looks a bit like Belle’s ponytail from Beauty and the Beast, what do you think? 😀Image result for belle's ponytail (back view) beauty & the beast 1991

Items Needed: 2 small hair ties, 1 normal hair tie, and one of these:Conair Topsy Tail Kit

Time: 2-5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy

If you can do a ponytail, you can do this hairstyle! It’s super easy and won’t take you long at all! Plus, you don’t have to use any bobby pins!

I could also picture this as really good school hairstyle to keep your hair out of your face all day.

Enjoy the rest of your week! What occasion would you wear this hairstyle to? 😉