My go-to Formal Hairstyle

Hello everyone!

I’m so honored to be posting on the anniversary of this lovely site! 😀 (In the U.S. it’s June 19 hehe!)  It has been such a pleasure to be a part of it.

Today, I’m very excited to be showing you all my go-to formal hairstyle. It is the hairstyle I have worn for countless formal occasions over the years.

If we ever met at a formal occasion of some sort (be it Church, parties, or other special events,) most likely I’d be wearing this look. It is fairly simple to do, but trust me, it looks harder than it is. (I always receive compliments whenever I wear it.) So let’s begin! 😉

Items needed: two small elastics (preferably your hair color,) several bobby-pins, comb, curling wand.

Difficulty: intermediate

Time needed: 10 minutes (excluding the curls)

1.) Curl hair to your liking. Clare has posted an awesome tutorial on how to curl your hair. The wand I used was a 2″ wand, since that gives me loose, relaxed curls.

2.) Part hair into a side part.

3.) Beginning on the thicker side of the part, begin a dutch braid. Keep adding hair from both sides, until you reach the crown of your head. Then add hair only from the front of your face. Stop adding hair once you reach the top of your ear, and do a three-strand all the way down.

4.) “Pancake” the braid by gently tugging at the edges of the braid. (My hair is long with some crazy short layers, so the braid will look really messy at first. Don’t worry, it’ll all work out in the end!)

5.) On the other side of your part line, begin a dutch braid, and repeat steps 3-4.

6.) Now that both of your braids are done, go back and pancake them a little more. The key to this whole look is that the braids are really full and large. Even if you have thinner hair, you can still get that look by tugging at the braid, gently.

7.) Grab one of the braids (I always choose the messier looking one,) and cross it diagonally across your head. (I like to place mine rather low.) Secure with bobby pins.

8.) Grab the other braid, and drape part of it over the ends of the first braid. Then, with the tail of the braid, loop it over and under the first braid. (If you’d like a simple visual of what I’m talking about, imagine  the braid looking like a ‘S’ on its side.) Secure with bobby pins.

…and there you have it! My go-to formal hairstyle.

I absolutely love this look, and even though I wear it for more formal occasions, it absolutely could be worn as an everyday look as well! 😀 Let me know what you think of it in the comments!

Catch ya later,

— Sophia

*One Year of Seton Girls’ Hairstyles*

One year. 82 followers, 12,326 views, 775 comments, and 83 posts later…

Today is officially one year since Seton Girls’ Hairstyles was launched! It has been a pretty crazy past 12 months, but I’d just like to say a big thanks to all our viewers who make this so much fun! 😉

If you haven’t been here from day one then you probably don’t know a lot of the story to why SGH was started in the first place, feel free to check out our about page for more on that. But basically my friend Emma and I met through some of our school (Seton) forums and really got talking, we found out that we shared a common interest in hairstyling among other things, and eventually we came up with an idea to create a hairstyling site! I was doing the occasional tutorial myself on (a site my dad started) but really wanted to do something more than that. Emma and I worked for months on and off to come up with the right themes and such to make the site function the way we wanted and finally decided to officially release the site, telling all our friends (and switching it from private to public) on June 19 2017!

After the first month or so Emma had some things come up and so she wasn’t really able to  post much, if it all, and we had initially wanted to recruit 1-2 more Seton girls to become regular posters as well. So that’s where Emily, and the sisters, Sophia & Sabrina, came in (I’m sure you all know who they are from their amazing tutorials!) Some of their posts quickly and easily became some of the most viewed tutorials on SGH such as Sophia’s DIY Overnight Curls/Waves, Sabrina’s 3 Easy DIY Baseball Cap Hairstyles, and Emily’s 3 DIY hairdos for short hair!

We also have several ‘casual’ posters, most notably Maria who has helped out so much when one of us wasn’t able to post, (huge thanks to you Maria!) You can check out her most recent tutorial the ‘Princess’ Half-up ‘Do here! Our other two are Hannah & Therese who have each contributed one tutorial: Lace Braided HeadbandThe Lace Braided French Plait

So, I would especially like to give a massive thanks to our other main posters, Sophia, Sabrina, and Emily. Without you three (especially Sophia and Sabrina who have been able to post every single month since they joined the SGH team) I know we wouldn’t have been able to have tutorials every single week like we do. A special shout-out to Sabrina who was able to take over as admin and keep the site running several times these past 12 months when I had personal matters arise. And of course, and big thank you to all of you viewers who keep this site active with all your comments, requests, (and views 😛 😉 .)

Ok wow, that was long, but I just wanted to thank everyone. I don’t think a lot of people realise how much goes in to keeping a site like this up, running, with new tutorials every week. 😀 It’s been so much fun posting these last 12 months, and I look forward to a whole nother year of posting tutorials! 😉

See you all around in my next tutorial!

God bless!