Fishtail Side Braid

*Bonus Post*

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! We have a special bonus post for  you today!

By Emily

Hey hey hey, everyone! Today, I have a super easy, super cute hairstyle to show y’all! So, this is one of my favorites to do when my hair is just a plain old mess, and I want that somewhat boho style. It’s really easy, takes little timing, and comes out really cute! Let’s get to it!

Items needed: two bobby pins, one elastic, and hairspray if desired.

Time: roughly 5 minutes

Difficulty: medium

1. Alrighty, to start, grab a small section of hair, anywhere from about a half an inch to an inch away from the front of your face.

2.With this section, begin to French-fishtail (by adding in hair to a normal fishtail braid) the the section until you get to the back of your ear (if you’re dealing with short hair, you may want to do the braid with smaller sections.)

3. Now, with that hair, continue to fishtail-braid (but you’re not adding hair in anymore!)


4.When you get to the end of your braid, hold it somewhat tightly, so that you do not undo your work.

5.Then, begin pancaking the braid by tugging on the edges (little tip: if you’re looking for a messier appearance, pancake the braid a bit more.)









6.Secure the pancaked braid with an elastic. Then, pin the braid to your desired placing (I like to hide my bobby pins, so I make sure to pin my braid behind a section of hair.)

And that’s all there is to it! If you’re dealing with shorter hair like mine, I would suggest hairspraying it.

Another little tip: if you want an even messier, boho appearance, grab different sizes of sections of hair throughout the braiding—rather than the same all the way through. (; Anywho! That’s about it!

(If you want a more formal look or just perhaps a tad fancier, I recommend curling your hair.  This side braid looks really cute on curly hair! And also try to make the braid as even a possible.)

Thanks for reading! Happy hairstyling, y’all!



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Messy Dutch Ponytail

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m pleased to show you what I call the “Messy Dutch Ponytail.” I’d like to give special thanks to ‘Victoria’ for requesting this look. Here is the picture she requested:

This look is so cute and easy to do! Even with having very short layers, I’m still able to pull it off.

Level of difficulty: medium

Items needed: 1 hair band, 3-4 bobby-pins, 1 small clear elastic, small-tooth comb.

Time needed: 10 minutes

1.) The night before, I did these heatless curls. They add that natural curly/wavy look to the hair, and are super simple to do. When I took them out in the morning, I misted my hair with some sea salt spray, and parted my hair in a side part. (this is an optional step. This hair style can be done on any texture of hair.)

2.) Pick up the hair about the crown of your head, grabbing your small-tooth comb, begin to tease the section at the roots. To tease, you pull the comb through your hair in short motions, and downwards. Always downwards for teasing. 😉 It should almost seem like your slightly tangling your hair. This will give your hair more volume.

3. Using your comb, section off a small side on the “less heavy” side of your head. Begin the part 1 inch above your ear, than make a diagonal line down to the nape of your neck.

4. Pick up a small section of hair at the beginning of the section, and begin to dutch braid. Once you run out of hair to add in, continue braiding a regular three-strand braid all the way down. Secure with a clear elastic.

5. Pancake the entire bread by gently tugging on the edges of the braid.

6. Gather up all the hair and the braid into a low ponytail. Secure with a hair band.

7. Use your hands, and slightly pull at the crown of your head. This will give it a messier, fuller appearance.

8. Grab a half-inch section of hair from the ponytail, and wrap it around the rubber band several times, until you can’t anymore. Secure it around the band with your bobby-pins.

…and that’s it! I hope you all like my take on the “Messy Dutch Ponytail!” It is such a quick yet pretty hairstyle to do. Add a few accessories, and you have a hairstyle fit for formal occasions.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if there are any other hairstyles you’d like me to try!

Catch ya later!

— Sophia

Boho Rosette Bun Half-up Style

Hello Everyone and happy March!

I have a really cute hairstyle to show you all which works on both short and long hair. This hairstyle is inspired by a request made by ‘Mia Tinuviel’ to do a tutorial on the rosette bun. Thank you so much for requesting this tutorial!



Items needed: 3 small hair elastics (preferably ones that match your hair color), 10-15 bobby pins as needed // Difficulty: Medium // Time: 10-15 minutes


1.) Part your hair in the middle (you can part it to the side too if you would like but I think that middle parts look more boho). You want the part line to end just a few inches away from your hairline because you are going to gather the back.


2.) Gather the back part of your hair just like you would do for a regular half up, then divide that into three sections and secure two of them with elastics to keep them out of the way.


3.) With the one loose section you have, do a regular three strand braid.


4.) Now pancake the braid, however only pull one side of the braid. (it is easier to make the pancaking on one side more dramatic if you have longer hair, but it will still work with short hair.)


5.) Repeat steps 3-4 with the other two strands.


6.) Using one of your braids, coil it in the opposite direction of the pancaked side. Since I pulled the left side, I coiled it to the right. Secure each bun with bobby pins.


I used clear elastics because I didn’t have black ones, but if you have ones that match your hair, they will be more disguised.

So that is how you do a rosette bun! You can do this as a half up with only one bun, or gather all your hair and do one rosette bun, or you can even do double rosette buns. ^_^

But to finish this style….

7.) Gather a piece from the front, loosely twist it, and bobby pin it back. Repeat on the other side.


And there you have my boho rosette bun half-up style!


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see ya!


Waterfall Ponytail/Sport Hairstyle

I realised it was about time for another sports hairstyle tutorial, so today I’m going to show you how to create this cool waterfall braid ponytail! If you can waterfall braid, you’ll have this hairstyle down pretty quick. For those of you who can’t waterfall braid yet, see my tutorial here. I sort of just came up with this hairstyle yesterday, but I’m sure it’s been done before. 😀

The thing that’s a bit different in this hairstyle to a normal waterfall braid in this tutorial is that the actually drop the top strand instead of the bottom one. {Watch the short video down below to see what I mean 😉 }

Items needed: one hair tie, 4 bobby pins, hairspray.

Time: 5-10 minutes

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. To begin with take a small section from one side of the hair in the front and separate the hair into 3 sections..
  2. Do the first stitch of a normal waterfall braid, only drop the top strand out of the way {instead of the bottom one}.
  3. Now pick up a small section of hair to add back into the braid and add it back as the top piece. You have basically just dropped the top strand and replaced it with a new strand in the exact same location.
  4. Now take that top  strand and cross it over the middle strand.…
  5. You then add hair to the bottom strand {this is exactly what you would do with a regular French braid}and cross it over the middle strand…
  6. Repeat steps 1-5 over and over again until you get to just past your ear..
  7. Using the three remaining strands, create a basic braid and secure the ends with an elastic or clip for now..
  8. Essentially you’re just doing a french braid the whole time, only you drop the top strand each time over and pick up some more hair from just behind the strand you’ve dropped and continue…
  9. Repeat steps 1-8 on the other side, {trust me it’s really not as complicated as it all sounds 😉 }
  10. When you have both braids secured, gather up all your hair {except the two braids} and pull up into a ponytail, just before you secure it, grab the two braids and add them into the rest of the hair…
  11. Once you have the ponytail secured pick up a small piece of hair from the back of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie, and secure with a bobby pin or two.
  12. Finish with hairspray if desired. And you’re done!

A bonus to this hairstyle is that is you have any natural highlights in your hair {like me ;)}, or otherwise, they show up really well through the strands going into the ponytail! 😉

I hope you enjoyed this waterfall sports hairstyle! What other sports hairstyles would you like to see? And remember you can leave any other hairstyle requests here.

X Dutch Braids

Hey Everyone!

Today I’m going to show you all how to get this super cool look that I made up a few weeks ago. I really love this look since it is super wearable, but really unique.

In the front, it looks like you’re wearing basic dutch braids, but in the back, you’ve got this super cool hairstyle. The beginning is a tad tricky to understand, but stick with me, and you’ll see that in order to complete this look, you only have to know how to Dutch braid.

difficulty: intermediate

time: 10-15 minutes

items needed: 3 rubber bands


1.) Begin with a side part. I am parting my hair on the left side of my head, so the right side is referred to as the ‘thicker’ side.

2.) Using one of the rubber bands, pull you hair into a half up. I started my half up from about an inch above my ear, all the way back.

3.) Using your thumb or a comb, start a diagonal line from the top of the thick side of the hair (right side) all the way down to the left. Section of the right side of the diagonal.

4.) Undo the half up, but don’t let your hair down. The top of your hair stays in your original side part, but for the crown area, split it down the middle. (if this proves too difficult, then you can just keep the side part for the entire half up section.) Section off the thin side (left section) of the half up. If you think of your head as a square, the top left corner and the bottom right corner are now sectioned off.

5.) On the thick side (right side) of you hair, pick up a 1 inch section of hair near your hairline. Split into three, and begin a dutch braid. Try to keep it going around your head slightly, rather than straight back.

6.) Once you are past the crown of your head, adjust the braid to go diagonally down your head, gathering hair from the bottom left section. Once you run out of hair, continue with a regular three strand braid, and secure with an elastic.

7.) Pull on the braid gently to pancake it, and make it look fuller.

8.) Let down the two sections of hair (left top section and lower right section.) Starting at the top left section, pick up a 1 inch section of hair, and begin a dutch braid. Once you’ve past the crown of your head, you should have picked up all of the hair from the top left section.

9.) Now that you’ve passed the crown of your head, you’ll notice that the two braids will intersect. To do this, simply continue with a regular three strand braid, until you’ve gone over the first braid.

10.) Now that you’ve passed the first braid, continue your dutch braid, gathering hair from the last section (bottom right.) Once you’ve run out of hair to gather, continue with a three strand braid, all the way down, before securing with an elastic.

11.) The second braid will look much thinner than the first, but that’s okay! Just pull on the edges to pancake it to your liking.


…and that’s it! I hope you all enjoy this tutorial. This hairstyle looks complicated, but it’s really not. the hardest part is figuring out the sections. After that, it’s all dutch braiding!

Thank you so much for joining me! If you have any requests for future hairstyles, let me know down below in the comments!

Catch ya later!

–Sophia 🙂

Waterfall Twist

Hey everyone! Today I’m going to show you all a great hairstyle for looking nice with minimal effort. Out of the ‘nice’ hairstyles I do on myself, this is one of my favourites because it’s so easy but looks so pretty. (I’m doing it on my sister today) The waterfall twist I’ll show you today is similar to the beautiful waterfall braid-style in Sophia’s post Waterfall Twist and Reverse Fishtail, but it uses two pieces of hair instead of three to create a lovely twist. (If you like this post, I’m sure you’ll love her combo hairstyle!) This hairstyle is definitely DIY as well, and looks great on just about any length of hair. I hope you enjoy it! 😀

Items needed: hair tie, accessory (optional)

Skill level: easy

Time: 5 minutes


  1. Part hair as desired (I used a middle part) and separate out a piece of hair at the front of the head, on one side of the part.
  2. Take another section of hair next to it, and wrap/place it over the first strand.
  3. Drop the first strand, pick up a piece of hair next to it and wrap/place it over the strand you’re still holding. Repeat until you reach the back of the head and clip out of the way.
  4. Repeat on the other side, tie the two ends together, and accessorise as desired.

And there you have it! Because this style is so loose and gentle anyway, you don’t really need to pancake it, unless you have fairly long, heavy hair. If your hair’s a bit too short to do a waterfall twist all the way around your head, it looks really nice if you just go partway round, and pin the end back with something pretty.


Comment below and let me know if you liked this tutorial! Bye for now! 🙂

Diy Summer Braid

Happy Wednesday everyone! I hope you are all having a great week! Today I’m going to show you how to re-create the hairstyle that won the most votes in my recent poll. I just thought I’d say though, I’m doing my own take on the hairstyle, so it’s not going to look identical to the one in the pic. Where’s the fun in that? 😉 😛 Thank you to ‘coffee and tea’ who posted the pic in the hairstyle requests section asking for a tutorial.

I think this is actually a really fun braid, and it seemed kinda summery to me (hence the name), but of course I’m sure it would work great for all seasons. 😉 It definitely spices up a regular braid over your shoulder. 😉

It’s a kind of messy braid, but elegant at the same time-so pretty!

Items needed: 2 small rubber hair elastics, 1 normal hair tie, 5-6 bobby pins.

Time: 4-5 minutes

Skill level: Easy

Step-by-step instructions:

  1.  Begin by parting your hair to the side or in the middle (I used a side part)
  2. Next, section off the hair from the top of you part all the way to the front of your ear..
  3. Now take a medium sized section of hair:
  4. And begin a normal 3 strand plait, only take the pieces behind the middle section instead of on top (like you would if you were doing a dutch braid)…
  5. Once you’ve reached the ends of your hair go back and pancake the braid (tug on the outside sections of the braid) as much as possible to make it look bigger. Then secure with a small hair tie..
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 with a smaller sized section on the other side of your part…
  7. Now go back and take the first braid you did over the top of your head (as if you were making a headband out of your hair)
  8. Pin underneath some hair on the other side of your head..
  9. Repeat steps 7-8 with the other braid…
  10. Now that you have your two braids in place, gather all your hair over your left shoulder to braid it- make sure to leave a few smaller pieces of hair out at the front like I did…
  11. Now plait all of the remaining hair over your shoulder and secure with a hair tie
  12. Bobby pin any layers or bits of hair that may not have made it into the braid at the back of your head..
  13. Lastly, I went back and added some slight curl to the layers I left out at the front with my curling wand by holding it on the wand for just a few seconds..
  14. Add some hairspray if you want, and you’re done!!


And there you have it, an awesome summer braid! I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know what you thought of it in the comments, and remember you can leave your hairstyle requests here any time!